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Washington County Board continues robust support for transportation system

The Washington County Board of Commissioners adopted the $250 million Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program (MSTIP) 3f funding allocation during its June 4, 2024, regular meeting.
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The Washington County Board of Commissioners continued to support a connected, safe and equitable countywide transportation system for all travelers by adopting the $250 million Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program (MSTIP) 3f funding allocation during its June 4 meeting.

This was the second transportation funding commitment the Board has approved this year. In April, the Board authorized issuance of $150 million in bonds for completion of MSTIP Bonding Cost-sharing and MSTIP 3d and 3e projects. Funding gaps for these projects resulted from unprecedented cost escalation, project scope and design changes and unexpected project costs.

“MSTIP 3f is a $250 million investment in meeting the transportation needs across Washington County communities in partnership with city leaders,” said Kathryn Harrington, Chair, Board of Commissioners. “Combined with our recent $150 million bonding initiative, this Board is dedicating $400 million to advance transportation solutions here in Washington County.”

“These financial commitments reflect the Board’s ongoing support of transportation projects across Washington County that will improve traffic flow, connectivity and safety for all users,” said Stephen Roberts, Director, Washington County Land Use & Transportation. “The 3f funding allocation allows us, in collaboration with our city partners, to kick off the next round of MSTIP projects to improve our county-wide transportation system.”

The MSTIP 3f $250 million funding allocation includes:

  • $195 million for 13 capital projects in all four Commissioner Districts to improve travel for bicyclists, pedestrians, motorists, transit passengers and freight.
  • $30 million for the Large Project Match Fund, which will serve as a flexible grant matching fund for large federal or state funding opportunities. This match funding will help bring more funding for large projects in Washington County and the cities within it, versus trying to set aside match funding for only one or two specific projects.
  • $13 million for the MSTIP Opportunity Fund to leverage regional, state, federal and other funding opportunities by providing local matching contributions for competitive grant opportunities.
  • $10 million for rural bridge replacements.
  • $2 million for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) improvements to maximize the safety and efficiency of existing roads (advanced traffic signals, driver-information signs, lane-use management, etc.).

The MSTIP 3f Funding Allocation process included robust public engagement including two online open houses generating more than 1,200 public comments, focus groups, listening sessions, presentations and in-person conversations at community farmers markets, festivals and celebrations.

Using feedback received, staff from the County and cities within the County collaboratively developed a recommended project list. The Washington County Coordinating Committee, comprised of elected representatives from both Washington County and the cities within Washington County, used the list to make recommendations to the Board for final approval.

In addition to approving the MSTIP 3f funding allocation, the Board also adopted updated MSTIP Administrative Procedures.

MSTIP has been funded by local property taxes since 1986. Including MSTIP 3f, the MSTIP program has funded more than 160 transportation improvement projects totaling $1.35 billion since its inception. Visit Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program for more information.