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MSTIP Opportunity Fund

The Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program Opportunity Fund is flexible. Projects funded meet travel demand and improve travel for those who bike, walk, roll and take public transportation.

The Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program (MSTIP) Opportunity Fund is used specifically to leverage federal, state and other funding opportunities. For example, MSTIP Opportunity Funds are often used to provide matching contributions to qualify for some grant programs.

The Washington County Coordinating Committee uses these Guiding Principles for this fund:

  • Distribute no more than $1.5 million per year
  • Consider "signature projects" that enhance and/or include innovative design
  • Consider the amount of local match when soliciting projects
  • Illustrate project benefits to the countywide transportation system
  • Improve transportation mobility
  • Consider geographic equity
MSTIP Opportunity Fund Leveraged Funding

The Opportunity Fund has:

  • Leveraged almost $63 million in external funding, using $12.5 million in funds
  • Captured more than $5 from local, regional, state, federal and private sources for every $1 in Opportunity Funds
  • Earned a 55% grant-funding success rate, with 38 projects receiving grant funding
  • Funded projects for those who walk, bike and roll
  • About 25% of projects involved multiuse trail planning and construction
MSTIP Opportunity Fund Success Rate