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Challenges & Opportunities: FY 2021-22 Annual Report available online

The FY 2021-22 annual report is available at
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Challenges & Opportunities FY 2021-22 Land Use & Transportation Annual Report

Challenges & Opportunities: FY 2021-22, the Washington County Land Use & Transportation (LUT) annual report, is now online.

“As the title says, we’ve had challenges this year,” said Stephen Roberts, LUT Director. “I’m proud to say ourT staff met those challenges head on, turning them into opportunities to improve our services to our customers.”

The Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program 2023-2028 funding cycle provided transportation staff with an opportunity to connect with people, including community-based organizations. Staff held two online open houses, two listening sessions, two focus groups, a workshop and attended more than 15 area events. Nearly 1,000 people completed surveys to select their top three proposed projects for MSTIP funding in each commissioner district. Watch the videos about MSTIP.

Community Planning staff asked people how the County could best expand middle housing allowances as required under House Bill 2001. Staff conducted focus groups, listening sessions and an online open house. They spoke with residential builders and developers, renters, community-based organizations and more. The result was county ordinances updating regulations and encouraging more middle housing. Learn more

During FY 2021-22, other LUT activities included:

  • Ongoing planning for the future Council Creek Regional Trail. See what’s ahead
  • Review and filing of 257 records of survey
  • Installation of 479 ADA ramps
  • Managing 101 road projects in design or construction
  • Maintaining pavement conditions on County roads at or above target levels. Watch the video

Learn more about LUT activities in FY 2021-22. Visit Challenges & Opportunities at