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Middle Housing / HB 2001

A 2019 Oregon law (House Bill (HB) 2001) requires local implementation of standards to facilitate development of “middle housing” in urban residential neighborhoods.

Middle Housing Ordinances

Considering a middle housing project? We strongly encourage you to learn about the application process and schedule a preapplication conference with our Development Review/Current Planning staff.

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What is Middle Housing?

Under state law and new County Community Development Code (CDC) standards, middle housing includes duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, townhouses and cottage clusters that meet certain criteria. The law allows construction of middle housing in neighborhoods and continues to allow construction of conventional single detached homes.

Middle Housing Allows Opportunities For:

  • Low- and middle-income people
  • Small households
  • Seniors
  • Extended families
  • Nontraditional households
  • People who haven’t been able to afford homes near family, or jobs
  • People who haven’t been able to find homes that fit their circumstances
  • People whose housing options have been historically impacted by discrimination

County Regulations

Key CDC amendments addressing standards for middle housing, and some standards for middle housing land divisions can be found in:

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