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Council Creek Regional Trail: Open House Results

The Council Creek Regional Trail Online Open House was available April 14 to May 14, 2023 and received 778 responses. Questions included opinions on levels of community support, most desired trail features and concerns about the future trail.

Of our online open house survey respondents, 85% live in Washington County, with 34% living near the trail and 15% working near the trial. Of the 778 responses, 47 were in Spanish.

Results from the Council Creek Regional Trail Online Open House (in both English and Spanish) show support for the trail. Most participants (almost 90%) said they are “very supportive” or “somewhat supportive” of the trail. This included 85% of those living near the trail and 94% working near the trail.

Thank you for participating in the open house and for sharing ideas and concerns with us. Your input helps guide our continued planning for the trail.

What is your level of support for the trail?
Bar graph showing 68% are very supportive of the trail; 21% are somewhat supportive of the trail; 5% are neutral and 6% are either somewhat or very unsupportive.
More on support for the trail
Bar chart showing level of support with groups such as those who live near the trail, work near the trail or have concerns.
How often might you use the trail?
Bar graph showing 40% are likely to use hte trail weekly or more frequently; 37% at least every two weeks to monthly; 23% less than monthly
How might you use the trail?
Bar graph showing 73% might use the trail for recreation/exercise walking; 64% for recreation/exercise biking; 26% for biking to work/school/errands; 19% for accessing public tansportation; 16% for walking to work/school/errands
Which features would you like to see when the trail opens? (Select up to three.)
Bar graph showing wanted features when the trail opens: 61% want restrooms; 57% seating/benches; 56% lighting; 52% landscaping and tees; 51% dog waste stations; 51% markings to separate people walking from people biking or rolling; 48% wayfinding signs; 41% educational signs
Other features suggested
  • Water bottle fill stations
  • Emergency call stations
  • Art installations
  • Play areas for children
  • Garbage cans
Themes of comments of concern
  • Public Safety
  • Unauthorized encampments
  • Cleanliness and maintenance
  • Privacy for those with homes along the corridor
  • Cost and management of the project
Themes of comments of support
  • Safer alternative to walking/biking along TV Highway
  • Good use for abandoned railroad tracks
  • Creation of green space/recreational space
  • Easier car-free access for shopping/errands


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