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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission advises the Board of Commissioners on adoption, revision or repeal of portions of the County's Comprehensive Plan. The Commission makes final land use decisions for some plan amendments. Decisions may be appealed to the Board.

The Planning Commission consists of nine community volunteers appointed by the Board to serve four-year terms.

Deborah Lockwood, Planning Commission Chair

Deborah Lockwood
Chair, District 2
Term ends 01/31/2025

Rachel Mori Bidou, Planning Commission District 1

Rachel Mori Bidou
Vice Chair, District 1
Term ends 01/31/2026 

Vacant Position

District 1

Mike Frey, District 2, Planning Commission

Mike Frey
District 2
Term ends 01/31/2027

Planning Commission Eric McClendon District 3

Eric McClendon
District 3
Term ends 01/31/2028

Planning Commission Jared Whipps Distirct 3

Jared Whipps
District 3
Term ends 01/31/2028

Joe Keizur, Planning Commissioner, District 4

Joe Keizur
District 4
Term ends 01/31/2027

Morgan Will, Planning Commission District 4

Morgan Will
District 4
Term ends 01/31/2026

Planning Commission Felicita Monteblanco At-Large

Felicita Monteblanco
Term ends 01/31/2028

Meetings, Agendas and How to Testify

Previous Agendas, Minutes and Materials 


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