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Cornelius Pass Road/Germantown Road Intersection

This project is complete.

This project installed safety improvements to the Germantown, Cornelius Pass and Old Cornelius Pass roads intersections including a traffic signal.

Cornelius Pass and Germantown roads are heavily traveled arterials north of U.S. 26 that meet at an unsignalized "T" intersection. Traffic volumes, speed and challenging intersection geometry contribute to traffic crashes in this intersection. 

Old Cornelius Pass Road intersects Cornelius Pass and Germantown roads close to the Cornelius Pass and Germantown roads intersection and also received safety improvements.

Construction start (expected): 2/17/20
Construction finish (expected): 5/29/20


This project is complete.


Cost: $1.1 million (estimate)

Funding sources:

Prior events and comment opportunities

Presentation to CPO 7: Feb. 10, 2020:

Fast Facts (PDF 154.64 KB)

Online open house: Oct. 7-Nov. 8, 2019


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