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Community Participation Organizations

CPOs are neighborhood-based Washington County organizations led by community volunteers.

CPOs encourage and empower public involvement by providing a place for community members to: ​

  • Come together to learn about and discuss County-related issues
  • Get unbiased information about issues relating to local and County services​
  • Interact with decision makers including local government and agency representatives, elected officials, and community leaders
  • Engage as a group in an advisory role to the Washington County Board of Commissioners

CPOs focus on the topics that affect how and where people live, such as transportation, parks and trails, housing and business developments, safety, public health, emergency planning, education, the environment and more. To participate, start by signing up to receive monthly updates about your local CPO events, which are open to everyone. Once you get involved, you will soon learn that you can have an impact on what happens in your community!

Upcoming CPO meetings

Virtual Community Meeting: Tue., Feb. 14, 7 pm

Topic: Clean Water Services
Presented by Community Engagement Manager Daniel Rittatore and Water Resources Specialist Saide Boyers
Daniel and Sadie will provide a Clean Water Services overview, including the importance of the role of wetlands and the influence of natural systems to a healthy watershed. 

Topic: Plans for Former Albertson's Building 
Jennifer Rinkus with Baysinger Partners will present plans to divide the former large grocery store space in Peterkort Towne Center to accommodate multiple smaller tenants and a shared outdoor dining space.

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CPO 1 meetings are recorded and available on YouTube for viewing later. 
Note: The CPO 1 YouTube channel and Facebook page were created and are maintained by community volunteers.

Virtual Community Meeting: Thu., Jan. 19, 6:30 pm

Topic: Friends of Alpenrose, presented by the members of the Friends of Alpenrose Steering Committee
Presented by Marita Ingalsbe, Friends of Alpenrose Steering Committee Member. Marita will share their concerns about the proposed development, housing and transportation needs, while respecting the environment, and recognizing the legacy of the site. (NOTE: Proposed project is a Portland project. Washington County has no jurisdiction.)

Update: Washington County Sheriff’s Office
Update: Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue
Update: Tualatin Valley Water District

Topic: Waste Management Recycle+ Program, presented by Washington County Solid Waste and Recycle Division
Presented by Megan Shuler, Education and Outreach Supervisor with Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling Division. Megan will provide a 10-min overview and then provide time for Q&A.

Update: Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District  

For more information, email CPO 3 Chair Rob Skinner at [email protected]

Agenda (PDF 491.83 KB)

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Not holding meetings at this time.

Upcoming meeting schedule and details to come.

Virtual Community Meeting: Wed., Jan. 25, 7 pm

Guest Speaker: Metro Councilor Gerritt Rosenthal

Topic: Discussion of State, County and Local Proposed Land Use Applications

For more information, email CPO 4M Chair Jim Long at [email protected]

Agenda (PDF 197.92 KB)

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Not holding meetings at this time.

February meeting is cancelled.

Virtual Community Meeting: Thu., Mar. 2, 7 pm

Agenda details to come.

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Not holding meetings at this time.  

All leadership positions are open, including Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Member(s) At Large, CCI Representatives (2). For more information about volunteering in a CPO 7 leadership position, please contact former CPO 7 leadership. 

Email: [email protected]
Postal mail: 4804 NW Bethany Blvd., Suite I-2 Box 173, Portland, OR 97229

Not holding meetings at this time.

Not holding meetings at this time.

SPECIAL In-person Community Meeting: Wed., Jan. 25, 6:30 pm
At Kinton Grange, 19015 SW Scholls Ferry Rd., Beaverton
Special guest: Author Bonnie J. Olin will present on the canyonlands of the Owyhee River in Nevada, Idaho and Oregon. Multi-media presentation is based on her book, which was created over many years of travel in the canyons together with photographer Mike H. Quigly. 

For more info, contact CPO 10 Chair Andy Haugen at 503-887-9601

Agenda (PDF 1.79 MB)

Not holding meetings at this time.

Not holding meetings at this time.

SPECIAL Virtual Community Meeting: Wed., Jan. 25, 6 pm.
This is a reactivation community meeting! Special guest Commissioner Jerry Willey will lead the welcome remarks. Leadership elections will be held. Bylaws will be adopted.  And everyone is welcome to join in a discussion about the priorities for 2023!

Leadership Opportunities
CPO 12F is holding leadership elections at this special meeting! All leadership positions are open, including Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Member(s) At Large, CCI Representatives (2).

Why get involved? What are the benefits?
Participating at a leadership level in your community participation organization and civic life can be very rewarding. CPO leaders host community meetings which provide a place for representatives of Washington County and service district providers to visit your community with information on a wide range of livability topics. The meetings cover police/fire, parks/recreation, roads/transportation, emergency/disaster preparedness, public health, human services and more. The meetings uniquely provide an objective space for ordinary people to share in discussions with county and agency representatives, elected leaders and to engage with election candidates and ballot measures. As a CPO leader you are making difference by helping to encourage participation by the Forest Grove community in the decisions that affect them. 

For more info, email Christina Barboza [email protected]

Agenda (PDF 151.31 KB)

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Not holding meetings at this time.

Not holding meetings at this time.

In-Person/Virtual Community Meeting: Wed., Mar. 22, 7 pm
In-person at: Washington County Public Services Building, 155 N First Ave., First Floor Auditorium, Hillsboro 

Topic: All About Fernhill 
Presented by Clean Water Services

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If you have questions about how to connect with your local CPO, please reach out to [email protected]​.

If you need ADA accommodations, language interpretation or translation, or any other assistance to help you access these opportunities for participation, please contact us at [email protected].

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