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Cornelius Pass Road (Frances Street and Tualatin Valley Highway)

Cornelius Pass Road is being improved between TV Highway and Frances Street. A Willamette Water Supply drinking water pipeline is being installed at the same time.

Cornelius Pass Road connects Hillsboro and South Hillsboro. We will widen Cornelius Pass Road between Frances Street and Tualatin Valley Highway (OR-8) to match the road north and south of the project area.

We will also add a dedicated right-turn lane from westbound Tualatin Valley Highway to northbound Cornelius Pass Road.

We are coordinating the Willamette Water Supply Program (WWSP) to construct their drinking-water pipeline with the road project. Visit South Hillsboro for more details about development and roads south of Tualatin Valley Highway.

Construction start: March 2022
Construction finish (expected): December 2023

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11/9/2022: We will close Augusta Drive at Cornelius Pass Road Nov. 16-23 for water supply line installation.


Augusta Drive and Cornelius Pass Road Detour


Cost: $29.5 million (estimate)

Funding sources:

Prior events and comment opportunities

Online open house Feb. 11-27, 2022

Open house Sept. 10, 2019:

Open house June 21, 2018: