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Cornelius Pass Road Bridge over Butternut Creek

A new bridge will be built over Butternut Creek to extend Cornelius Pass Road through South Hillsboro.

We are building a bridge over Butternut Creek so that Cornelius Pass Road can be extended through South Hillsboro.

The Cornelius Pass Road bridge over Butternut Creek will be a single-span concrete bridge. The bridge includes two motor vehicle lanes (one in each direction) with a center median, raised cycle tracks and sidewalks. The bridge is designed to be higher than the 100-year flood plain. Retaining walls will be built at either end of the bridge.

This bridge was designed by developers in agreement with the city of Hillsboro to support development of the South Hillsboro area.

A pedestrian bridge, part of a larger trail system, will be suspended under the new bridge.

Construction start: October 2022
Construction finish (expected): August 2024

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5/6/2024: Bridge construction is continuing. 

Video of girder installation

Photo of girder installation



Cost: $12.3 million (2022 estimate)

Funding sources:



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