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Cornell Road Sidewalk Repair

The sidewalks on Cornell Road from Saltzman Road to Dale Avenue are damaged.

We will replace over 3200 square feet of sidewalk panels where needed on both sides of the road.

The street trees that were originally planted are not suitable for the roadside environment. Over time, they have damaged the tree grates and surrounding sidewalk.

We consulted an arborist when planning this project, who determined that removing the trees was necessary to keep our sidewalks in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Cutting only the roots that were impacting the sidewalk would kill the trees. We will remove and replace them with trees from our approved street tree list.

Because the tree grates were custom built, we cannot replace them. We will fill the tree wells level to the sidewalk with mulch. The mulch will be replaced as needed.

Construction start (expected): June 3, 2024
Construction finish (expected): June 19, 2024


5/28/2024: Construction is scheduled to begin June 3. Expect short pedestrian detours along the sidewalks.


Cost: $200,000 (estimate)

Funding source:

Road Fund