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Durham Road and Upper Boones Ferry Road Corridor

Construction is complete on this project.

We are installing upgraded traffic signals and software to address safety and traffic flow for travelers on the Durham and Upper Boones Ferry roads corridor, an east-west route between the OR-99W and I-5 highways.

We are installing a traffic signal system that can rapidly adjust signal timing based on traffic conditions intersections along the corridor. A signalized crosswalk will be installed at 88th Avenue and Durham Road, at the Tigard High School.

This project is part of the County's Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) which uses technology to improve transportation safety and reliability. This project includes installing:

  • Adaptive signal timing that allows traffic signals to change in response to traffic.
  • Enhanced bike detection systems to adjust traffic signals when a bicyclist is present.
  • Traveler information displays to provide traffic information to road users.
  • Remote signal monitoring and control systems to allow staff to manually adjust traffic control as needed.

Construction start: 9/1/2021
Construction finish (expected): 6/15/2022

Update 6/15/2022:

Construction is complete..


Cost: $1.1 million (2020 estimate)

Funding sources: