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Farmington Road and River Road Intersection

The intersection of Farmington and River roads will be improved with a roundabout.

The Farmington and River roads intersection sees a lot of traffic. During commute times, travelers have long wait times to get through the intersection. The all-way stop is limiting traffic in all directions.

We plan to build a roundabout that will limit impacts to property owners, the floodplain and the environment.  

Construction start (expected): June 2024
Construction finish (expected): Fall 2025

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3/20/2024: Design and right-of-way acquisition is complete. A construction contractor will be contracted in April. NW Natural continues utility relocation. PGE will start relocation work in April.

Discovery planning 

Throughout the development and design of this project, we have received concerns about possible graves in the project area. The project team conducted a detailed survey and used Ground Penetrating Radar to locate possible historic graves, which were found on private property outside the project area. The project design and utility relocation work avoids impacts to the location.

We have coordinated with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) as well as the Oregon Historic Cemeteries Program to develop a plan in the event any remains are discovered during construction. The plan includes immediately stopping work in the vicinity and creating a 100-foot buffer around the discovery. The area will be protected and secured. Notifications will be made to appropriate organizations including the SHPO, Oregon State Police, Commission on Indian Services, and the appropriate Tribes.

Appropriate survey reduces the possibility that any historic artifacts will be discovered. The plan is in place in the unlikely event that something is discovered.


Cost: $6.3 million (2016 estimate)

Funding source: Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program (MSTIP)


Prior events and comment opportunities

Open house: Aug. 13-29, 2021

Open house: April 17-May 3, 2021


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