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Highway 47, Fern Hill Road and Maple Street Intersection

The intersection of Fern Hill Road and Maple Street with Highway 47 will be improved with a traffic signal. This project is funded for design only.

We will design a traffic signal to address safety concerns at the Fern Hill Road - Maple Street and Highway 47 intersection.

Maple Street - Fern Hill Road crosses Highway 47 where the highway curves and speed limits increase. This project is funded for design only.

This project is in partnership with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and city of Forest Grove.

Alternatives analysis start: November 2018
Alternatives analysis finish: March 2022
Design start: March 2022
Design finish (expected): March 2024
Construction: Dependent on funding

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1/9/2023: We will have an in-person open house from 5-7 p.m. Jan 31 at the Forest Grove City Auditorium, 1915 Main St.


Cost: $2.2 million (estimate)

Funding sources: Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program (MSTIP)