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Martin Road at Highway 47

The Martin Road and Highway 47 intersection will be improved with a roundabout.

Safety improvements are needed on Martin Road due to an increase in freight and commercial traffic. The road provides a connection between U.S. 26 and the city of Forest Grove.

We have installed a roundabout at Highway 47 and Martin Road. We are widening the road shoulders on Martin Road to the roundabout. We will also replace three culverts on Martin Road at Council Creek with a single-span concrete bridge.

Construction start: July 2023
Construction finish (expected): April 2024

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4/4/2024: Join us from 9-10 a.m. on Saturday, May 11 to celebrate the completion of the Martin Road roundabout and shoulder widening.

Celebration will take place at Martin Road and old Martin Road (see map).

Martin Road celebration location map showing the event east of the Martin Road roundabout at old Martin Road.
Martin Road ribbon cutting location map


Cost: $10.2 million (estimate)

Funding sources: 

Prior events and comment opportunities

Meet the contractor open house: May 17, 2023

Open house: March 26-April 11, 2021

Open house: July 31, 2019


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