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Roy Rogers Road (Scholls Ferry Road to Bull Mountain Road)

This project is complete.

Roy Rogers Road is a heavily used road in a rapidly growing community. We are widening Roy Rogers Road from Scholls Ferry Road to 2,500 feet south of Bull Mountain Road to five motor-vehicle lanes, two lanes in each direction with a center turn lane, and building bicycle lanes and sidewalks along both sides of the road.

We are also upgrading storm drainage systems and installing street lights.

We are building this project in coordination with the Willamette Water Supply Program (WWSP) drinking-water pipeline installation. 

Construction start (expected): Oct. 12, 2018
Construction finish (expected): Feb. 2022

Update​​​​​ 3/1/2022

This project is significantly complete.


Cost: $39.3 million (estimate)

Funding sources:

Prior events and comment opportunities

Open House: Oct. 12, 201

Open House: June 8, 2016


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