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Scholls Ferry Road (FY 2020-22 Pedestrian & Biking Improvement)

We will be working on two projects on Scholls Ferry Road to improve pedestrian safety.

We plan to fill sidewalk gaps on Scholls Ferry Road, between Laurelwood and 77th avenues. We will also install a pedestrian crossing with a flashing light at the Scholls Ferry Road/77th Avenue intersection.

Construction start (expected): Spring 2024
Construction finish (expected): Summer 2024


5/16/2023: We are preparing to begin the right-of-way acquisition process.


  • Sidewalk project: $1 million(2020 estimate)
  • Crosswalk project: $271,000 (2020 estimate)

Funding sources:

Prior events and comment opportunities

Online open house: Aug. 6-23, 2021