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Scoggins Valley Stabilization

Washington County began construction on a group of projects to improve the perimeter road around Hagg Lake in 2015.

This group of projects included stabilization of five active landslides, culvert replacements, paving and guardrail upgrades. The final project in the original effort near Forest Dale trailhead is scheduled for completion in June 2023.

In the process of completing the final stabilization project we discovered another active landslide near Cherry Tree trailhead. A plan will be developed to stabilize the slide. A barrier has been placed on the inner shoulder of the road to separate bicycle, pedestrian, and vehicle traffic from pavement damage.

Construction start (landslide near Forest Dale trailhead): June 2022
Expected construction finish (landslide near Forest Dale trailhead): June 2023


6/1/2023: Construction on the landslide near Forest Dale trailhead is nearing completion.


Cost: $4.85 million