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Springville Road Phase 4 (Joss Avenue to PCC Rock Creek)

We will widen Springville Road between Joss Avenue and the PCC Rock Creek Campus, connecting to previous projects.

Springville Road Phase 4 includes widening the street to three lanes (one lane in each direction and a center turn lane) between Joss Avenue and the Portland Community College (PCC) Rock Creek. The completed project will have continuous buffered bike lanes, sidewalks and lighting on both sides of the street. 

The street crosses two streams – one east of the PCC campus entrance and the other between Samuel Drive and Joss Avenue. Culverts at both stream crossings will be replaced to allow fish and small animals to pass below the street. Water quality and detention facilities will treat and slow down surface water runoff before it enters the streams. 

Springville Road Phase 4 is the middle and final section of the urban street improvements for Springville Road between 185th Avenue and Kaiser Road. The bike lanes, sidewalks and lighting upgrades have significantly improved safety for all travelers.

Construction start (expected): May/June 2024
Construction finish (expected): October 2025

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5/6/2024: We are in the process of hiring a construction contractor. We will have a Meet the Contractor Open House from 5-7 p.m. Thursday, June 20 at Bethany Presbyterian Church, 15505 NW Springville Road.


Cost Estimate: $16.4 million

Funding source: North Bethany County Service District for Roads (NBCSDR)

Springville Road projects at a glance

Phase 1: 185th Avenue to 181st Avenue (1,000 feet) - completed 2017

Phase 2: 181st Avenue to Concordia Court (1,300 feet) - completed 2019

Phase 3: Joss Avenue to Kaiser Road (3,200 feet) - completed 2021

Phase 4: Joss Avenue to PCC Rock Creek Campus (3,100 feet) - estimated completion 2025

Prior events and comment opportunities

Online open house: Oct. 28-Nov. 13, 2022

Presentation to the Board of County Commissioners: March 8, 2022

CPO 7 presentation: Dec. 13, 2021

Online Open House: Oct. 8-24, 2021


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