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Taylors Ferry Road and 80th Avenue

This project is complete.

This project includes:

  • Bridge replacement on Taylors Ferry Road at 80th Avenue.
  • Culvert replacement on 80th Avenue, north of Florence Lane.
  • Sidewalk installation on Taylors Ferry Road, between Washington Drive and 78th Place.

The Taylors Ferry Road bridge at 80th Avenue is older and no longer meets design standards. It has been damaged by vehicle crashes and flooding. The bridge will be replaced with a box culvert.

The culvert on 80th Avenue, just north of Florence Lane, is in poor maintenance condition and will be replaced with a box culvert.

A closure of Taylors Ferry Road and 80th Avenue is anticipated during culvert installation at the two sites.

A pedestrian pathway will also be constructed on the north side of Taylors Ferry Road, between Washington Drive and 78th Place, as an URMD Pedestrian and Biking Safety Improvement Project.

Construction start (expected): 7/15/2019
Construction finish (expected): 2/28/2020


This project is complete.


Prior events and comment opportunities

Open House: June 7, 2018


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