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Timber Road Landslide Repair

Find updates on the Timber Road closure.

Timber Road was closed between Strassel and Cochran roads after we detected that a slow-moving landslide near the S curves was increasing in activity. Movement, including substantial pavement settlement, created potential for significant damage should the landslide movement continue to intensify. We expect the road will reopen by the end of 2024 once the road is stabilized and repairs have been made.

Local access is allowed outside of the landslide site. Timber Road is closed to all traffic at the landslide site. A long-term road closure plan is in place, including permanent barriers around the landslide site. The closure will continue through construction. An interim repair would use considerable resources and be destroyed during construction.

We will stabilize the landslide by excavating the soft earth under the road and the downslope embankment to reach stable ground. We will then rebuild the slope with stronger materials.

Construction start (expected): Summer 2024

Construction finish (expected): End of 2024

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3/6/2024: Our consultant has prepared "30% design" documents. The show the general design of the repair. Learn more.


Cost: $3-5 million (2023 estimate)

Funding source:

Road Fund


January 2024

March 2024


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