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Property Values & Improvements

This section is designed for individuals interested in researching Property Values and Improvements Detail information.

The detail information that is available includes:

  1. General Property Information
  2. Sales/Deed Information
  3. Assessed Values
  4. Improvement Information
  5. Improvement Details

All this data is contained through the county's tax map feature, InterMap.

Instructions for InterMap:  At the InterMap site, individuals have the availability to search by their address, Taxlot ID, or the R number.  Once the search is conducted and at the map location, scroll down the page to the section named:  Additional Information.  Click on subreport named:  Assessment & Taxation Information.

Search the InterMap site

Property Tax Values Explained - Measure 50

A brief overview about Oregon's Property Tax System including the difference between Maximum Assessed Value and Real Market Value. Watch here: The video is courtesy of OACTC, information applies to properties statewide.

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