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Resident Phone System

Explains the Intelmate phone system at the Corrections Center, lists the cost of phone calls through Intelmate, and describes how to block phone calls from the Center.

Intelmate Telephone Services 

The Washington County Community Corrections Centers (WCCCC) resident phone system is through Intelmate. Family and friends can also use Intelmate to block phone calls from residents.  

Intelmate Phone

Resident Access to Telephones 

Residents use telephones that are in their dorms (groups of rooms) to make calls. Each dorm has a phone that is shared with up to six other residents and has specific rules, hours or use, and length of calls allowed.   

Phone rules

  • Residents can make calls from 9:00AM to 10:00PM every day. 

  • Residents cannot get phone calls people outside of the WCCCC. 

  • Staff will not give messages to residents. 

  • Residents can make collect calls (calls that the other person pays for), or they can use the Intelmate prepaid phone account service. 

  • Residents cannot make non-typical collect calls, three-way calls, or unwanted calls. 

  • All phone calls are recorded, except for phone calls to attorneys and confirmed clergy members. 

  • If asked for, TTY services for hearing-impaired residents are available. 

Prepaid Phone Accounts 

The WCCCC uses an outside telephone service provider called Intelmate. Intelmate has prepaid phone accounts and costs less per minute than regular collect calls. You can set up an account for a resident, or a phone number. Resident prepaid accounts let a resident make collect calls to any phone number that is not blocked. Phone number prepaid accounts let residents call one phone number, if that phone number is not blocked. 


Intelmate Calling Rates (cost for minutes)  

Local Collect Calls 

$2.50 for 15 minutes 

Local Prepaid Calls 

$2.00 for 15 minutes 

Long Distance Collect Calls in Oregon 

$3.50 plus $0.25 per minute for 15 minutes 

Long Distance Prepaid Calls in Oregon 

$5.00 for 15 minutes 

Interstate Collect Calls 

$3.95 plus $0.89 per minute for 15 minutes 

Interstate Prepaid Calls 

$10 for 15 minutes 


Prepaid Accounts 

Friends and family members of residents can buy prepaid phone services by using the kiosks in the Washington County Sheriff's Office lobby (see photo). They can also call customer service at 1 (866) 516-0115, or go online at

Residents can buy prepaid phone time using the kiosks at the WCCCC. 

Rejecting or Blocking Calls from Residents 

If you get a call from a resident, you have the option to accept the call, hang up, block all calls from the resident, or block all calls from any residents in the Washington County Jail (WCJ) or Washington County Community Corrections Center (WCCCC). Just follow the phone prompts (directions) on the call. 

The WCCCC does not administer the Intelmate phone system. It is an outside service provider. If you have questions about the service, prepaid phone cards, or issues about blocking phone numbers, you must contact Intelmate Customer Service at 1(866)516-0115 or online at

If you have questions about the WCCCC that are not about phone services, you can find answers on our main page, through email, or by calling (503)846-4300.