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Wood Stove Exchange Testimonials

Testimonials from Wood Stove Exchange participants

  • I feel truly blessed to have been in the wood stove exchange program. I now have a beautiful, big, safe cast iron stove. So I am toasty warm. Plus it is non-polluting! What could be better? Thank you Washington County and all the others who help make it possible.

    Homeowner - Manning

  • We didn’t realize how bad our old stove was, new stove way more efficient, less wood/smoke, more heat, less dependent on our electric forced air.

    Homeowner - Wood Stove

  • This is an excellent program! I exchanged a wood stove for a gas stove and absolutely love it. Washington County and the contractor coordinated beautifully and their communication with me was spot on. Easiest installation I've ever experienced! Thank you.

    Homeowner - Hillsboro - Gas Stove

  • I am very satisfied with the program, and Tim was very helpful during the whole process. I told others in Washington County about this, and referred them to the program website. Thank you so much, this wood stove is much safer and cleaner than our last one.

    Homeowner - Tualatin - Wood Stove

  • Great program to help clean the air.

    Homeowner - Forest Grove - Pellet Stove

  • It is wonderful. I have tried to spread the word about. Everyone made it easy to complete and I am very grateful.

    Homeowner - Hillsboro - Wood Stove

  • I am just very grateful for this program. It solved an almost insurmountable problem. It was very well run - a great experience w/ a government agency & a benefit to everyone.

    Homeowner - Portland - Wood Stove

  • Top Notch. If we had not learned of this program we would have burned another 4 to 5 cords of wood this past winter and contributed to poor air quality.

    Homeowner - Forest Grove - Gas Stove

  • Just wanted to tell you that my furnace was installed today. It's so amazing to have heat again. Thank you for your hard work to make this program a success! Again, thank you SO MUCH for all you do. Without this program, we would still be freezing with no end in sight!

    Homeowner - Beaverton

  • My wife and I love our gas insert, which replaced a wood burning stove. We use it more often than the wood burning stove. My wife depended on me to get the wood burning stove going most of the time. Now with just the click of a button, she is able to enjoy the fire.

    Renter - Portland

  • Our electric bills have decreased.

    Homeowner – Aloha - Heat Pump

  • The Wood Stove Exchange Program has made a positive difference for our family! We have been able to keep our house warm with a clean burning pellet stove. We had been burning an excessive amount of wood in an inefficient wood insert that was unable to effectively heat our home. The heat produced from the pellet stove is similar to a wood stove without the smoke or mess of firewood. Thank you Tim Davis and the Wood Stove Exchange Program for your great customer service and credit toward my pellet stove.

    Homeowner- Gaston

  • My husband and I are very happy with the new wood stove and wanted to share our experiences with you. The biggest change we have noticed is the new wood stove radiates heat much better into the room and surrounding rooms. We are really enjoying the even heat our new stove provides. After a little bit of a learning curve, we are able to keep the house smoke-free, which is another huge improvement - and there is less smoke outside, as well. We are very grateful for the Washington County Program and hope it can continue for others. Our questions were answered immediately and we found Tim Davis to be professional and knowledgeable. The process and timeline explained to us at the beginning, happened exactly as stated. The Wood Stove Exchange Program is the boost we needed to make a necessary change for our home, and for our lives. Thank you, again, for a wonderful program. We appreciate your time and assistance and expect to enjoy the benefits of this new wood stove for many years.

    Homeowner - Hillsboro