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Wood Stove Exchange Program

Washington County is offering rebates of $1,500-$4,000 when you replace your old wood stove or insert with a new stove, insert or other heating system.

Rebates Available

Washington County is now offering rebates of $1,500-$4,000 when you replace your old wood stove or insert with a new stove, insert, or other heating system.

Some households will qualify for a full cost replacement (up to $5,500), based on income. The size of your rebate depends on your household size and household income.

Review the Income Eligibility Chart above to determine the amount you qualify for to replace your old wood stove or insert.

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Application form (English)

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Wood Stove Exchange

Older and uncertified wood stoves and inserts are inefficient, dirty and pollute the air inside your home and around your neighborhood. If you currently use one of these old stoves to stay warm in the winter, we can help you replace it with a new heating system for little or no cost.

Receive rebates of $1,500-$4,000* when you replace your old wood stove or insert with one of the following:

  • Electric heat pump or ductless heat pump
  • Gas stove or insert
  • EPA-certified Pellet stove or insert
  • Gas furnace
  • EPA-certified wood stove or insert (only available to households who are eligible for a full cost replacement grant)

*Some households will qualify for a FREE replacement, based on income.

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How the Wood Stove Exchange Program works

  1. Additional documents requested.
    The application is designed to pre-qualify you for the exchange program and determine if you qualify for a rebate or free replacement. Follow the submission instructions on the application. Call 503-846-4425 if you have questions.
  2. Get inspected and approved.
    Program staff will visit your home to verify the age and eligibility of your current wood stove and discuss replacement options with you. Once approved, you will receive a letter confirming the amount of your rebate, or your eligibility for a free replacement.
  3. Choose your vendor.
    Once you receive a rebate approval letter listing program vendors, you can start shopping with those approved vendors. Rebate participants are encouraged to get multiple bids from the approved program vendors. Heating devices, services and warranties may vary between these vendors. For households receiving a free replacement, staff will work directly with you and an approved vendor or installer to prepare for the project.
  4. Washington County pays vendor.
    Once your project is finished and permitted, program staff will pay your vendor the amount of your rebate. Any additional balance due is paid by the resident.

Approved vendors

This list of approved vendors are licensed and bonded and can help you make the right decision about which new heating appliance is best for your home.

  • ADB Energy Consultants, 12943 SW Elk Rock Rd, Lake Oswego, OR 97034, Phone: 503-522-6460
  • Four Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning, 1005 Industrial Parkway, Bldg. B, Newberg, OR 97132, Phone: 503-538-1950
  • Haven Spa Pool & Hearth, 4255 SW Hall Blvd., Beaverton, OR 97005, Phone: 503-649-2201
  • Rich's for the Home, 9350 SW Washington Square Rd, Tigard, OR 97223, Phone: 503-624-8622

30% Federal Tax Credit of up to $2,000 toward the purchase of a heat pump or wood or pellet stove

Participants in the Washington County Wood Stove Exchange Program receiving grants or rebates for exchanging to new wood or pellets stoves (with the minimum 75% efficiency level), or ductless heat pumps (meeting efficiency requirements) – You can claim this credit for any out-of-pocket costs above the program grant or rebate.

What: A Federal tax credit of 30% for wood and pellet heaters or heat pumps

Eligibility: Wood heaters must be 75% efficiency or higher. Check efficiencies on the EPA database. Heat pump qualifying efficiencies can be found on the Energy Star website.

How: Claim the credit on IRS Form 5695 on your next federal tax return.

Congress passed this tax credit legislation in 2020 and specified that the minimum 75% efficiency level must be measured using the higher heating value (HHV). Please refer to the EPA’s wood stove/heater database, which lists the HHV efficiency of all stoves. New wood or pellet stove buyer should also check with their retailer for EPA certification and a minimum 75% efficiency level.

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