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Candidate and Measure Filing Forms

Candidate and Measure filing forms for Washington County, Oregon.

NOTICE: Elected Official Information is current through 2022. Visit our Election Maps page to see redistricted boundaries.
For filing deadlines please see the Calendar of Events

Measure Filing Forms

SEL801 - Notice of County Measure Election
SEL802 - Notice of City Measure Election
SEL803 - Notice of District Measure Election
SEL804 - Notice of Measure Withdrawal
SEL805 - Request for Ballot Title

Candidate Filing Forms

SEL101 - Candidate Filing - Major Political Party or Nonpartisan
SEL121 - Candidate Signature Sheet - Nonpartisan
SEL150 - Candidate Filing - Withdrawal
SEL190 - Candidate Filing - District
SEL220 - Statement of Organization for Candidate Committee
SEL223 - Campaign Account Information
SEL338 - Petition Submission - Candidate, Voters' Pamphlet

Precinct Committee Person

SEL105 ONLINE FORM - Precinct Committee Person Candidate Filing (Online)
SEL105 - Precinct Committee Person Candidate Filing
SEL105D - Precinct Committee Person Write-In Candidate Declaration
EL105N - Precinct Committee Person Write-In Candidate Nomination

Joint County Voters' Pamphlet (JCVP) Forms

JCVP-01 - Candidate Statement
JCVP-02 - Statement of Endorsement
JCVP-03 - Measure Argument
JCVP-04 - Petition Signature Sheet for Measure Argument
JCVP-05 - Measure Explanatory Statement

Joint County Voters' Pamphlet (JCVP) forms will now be accepted at these four counties: Washington, Multnomah, Clackamas and Yamhill. If a candidate or measure is in two adjoining counties and a filer wants to put the same exact Voters' Pamphlet statement in both counties the same copy of the JCVP form can be submitted to both counties. Older version forms will still be accepted in their perspective county.


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