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Vote by Mail

All elections in Oregon are Vote-by-Mail. This means that registered voters receive their ballots in the mail and can vote in the comfort of their home. Here's how it works.

Voters' Pamphlet

A state Voters' Pamphlet is mailed to every household in Oregon about 3 weeks before each statewide election. It includes information about each measure and candidate in the upcoming election.

If you do not receive a Voters' Pamphlet, you can order or pick one up from:

Some counties may print a voters' pamphlet with local measures and candidates. These may be included with the state pamphlet or mailed separately.

An audio Voters' Guide is also available for each statewide election. Call 1 866 ORE VOTE for more information.

County Voter's Pamphlet

County Voter's Pamphlet

State Voter's Pamphlet

State Voter's Pamphlet

Ballot mailing

Ballots are mailed to every registered voter 18 to 20 days before the election.

  • If you do not receive your ballot at least 2 weeks before the election, call the Elections Office for help.
  • If you move or change your mailing address you need to update your voter registration information to get a ballot. The post office will not forward your ballot!
  • An active or inactive status voter has until 8pm on the day of the election to make any updates.

Ballot package

When your ballot package comes in the mail, it will include

  • Ballot
  • Signature Return ID Envelope

Your ballot Signature Return ID Envelope has an area for you to sign. You must sign your Signature Return ID Envelope in order for your ballot to be counted. An Elections Official will compare the signature on your Signature Return ID Envelope to the signature(s) on your voter registration record to verify your identity. Signing another person's name is illegal. You must sign your own ballot Signature Return ID Envelope.



Signature Return ID Envelope

Signature Return ID Envelope

Other inserts

You may also receive election supplements:

  • Locations of ballot drop sites
  • Website/Results information
  • Special Election information

Call 1-866-ORE VOTE or the County Elections Office for more information.

Educational video

To further understand how the system works, you may view this short video that demonstrates the various procedures and safeguards that ensure the integrity of the entire vote-by-mail process. The video “unwraps” the story of the mail-in ballot and takes viewers behind the scenes, highlighting the efforts of staff, who make certain that votes are tallied accurately and that strict handling procedures are followed at all times.



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