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Ballot Tracking

Stay informed about your ballot status... Sign up for BallotTrax!

Washington County Elections has partnered with i3ballot to provide ballot tracking service through BallotTrax to Washington County voters. Participating voters will receive notifications throughout their ballot’s journey by text, e-mail, or voice alerts. Registration is available starting May 3, 2021, and ballot tracking services will begin in September, 2021.


Notifications will indicate that your ballot has been mailed and when it has been received by Washington County Elections. Updates will tell you when your ballot has been accepted or if there may be an issue requiring further action by you, the voter.

BallotTrax is provided at no charge* to Washington County voters. Voters can choose between text, e-mail, or voice alerts.

The Washington County Elections ballot tracking pilot program is a partnership with i3ballot. If you have any questions about this service, please call Washington County Elections at (503) 846-5800 or by e-mail at: [email protected].

*Text message charges may apply if you select the text message option. Consult your carrier.

Registration Tips:

  • Your name should match your ballot/voter registration. Please do not enter middle names, suffixes, etc.
  • Date must be entered in the format: MM-DD-YYYY
  • BallotTrax may stay signed in once a voter is registered. If multiple voters are attempting to register from the same computer they may need to go to the upper right-hand corner and select "Log Out".
  • If it is easier, voters may close their browser window, open a new one, and navigate to the Elections page once again.
  • Use a current and up-to-date browser. Older or outdated browsers may cause unpredictable errors on web pages.
  • The registration cannot be submitted until the Captcha code is successfully completed.
  • Voters with special circumstances (Confidential, etc.) may not be eligible for this service. If you have any questions contact the Elections office directly.