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EMS System

Explains the Washington County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system and who is a part of it

The Washington County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system is made up of many partners. We all work together to provide the best care when you call 911.

Washington County EMS Alliance

The EMS Alliance is made up of people from each fire agency, the County, and a growing number of EMS partners. Stakeholders and the public are also invited to each meeting. Information about the Alliance, members and past meetings can be found on the EMS Alliance page.

Washington County EMS Strategic Plan 2022-2024

Washington County EMS Office and EMS stakeholders worked on developing an updated strategic plan for our EMS system. The Washington County EMS Strategic Plan identifies projects that will be worked on over a 24-36 month period.

Washington County EMS office

  • Oversees the operations of ambulance and wheelchair car services in Washington County.
  • Provides regulatory oversight and support projects that will improve the County EMS System.
  • Tracks and share information about drug overdoses with partners in addiction services and local and federal LE agencies.
  • Provides support during emergencies. This includes providing emergency information to EMS and information about EMS and hospitals to inform the response.

The Washington County EMS Medical Directors provide medical direction and oversight to the EMS personnel of the emergency ambulance provider. The Medical Directors from all EMS partner agencies work together to create a system of care for anyone who calls 911.

EMS partner agencies

Response to Washington County's emergency and non-emergency 9-1-1 calls involve highly trained individuals from the following agencies:

Hospitals and trauma centers

Washington County has four hospitals that have emergency departments:

Level 1 trauma centers in Multnomah County: