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Governance Documents and Reports

Washington County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is responsible for the regulation of ambulance and wheelchair car services in Washington County. Oregon state law which authorizes counties to do this within county boundaries (ORS.682).

All EMS related state laws can be found on the Oregon Health Authority's EMS and Trauma Program website.

Under this authority Washington County has adopted its own county Code, Administrative Rules, Ambulance Service Area (ASA) Plan, and Franchise Agreement for Emergency Ambulance Services.

Emergency Medical System Diagram

Washington County Code 8.32: Emergency Medical & Transportation Services Ordinance

911 Transportation Performance Reports

Monthly performance assessments are one mechanism of monitoring the EMS system for the county and serve as a feedback tool for AMR. There are currently three types of measurement:

  • Response Time Interval: Measured from the time the call is assigned to AMR to the time a unit arrives on scene.
  • Outlier Minutes: Measured as the number of minutes, while responding to calls, exceeding twice the response time limit.
  • Level Zero: Measures the number of minutes and distinct events during which AMR did not have an ambulance immediately available to respond.

Beginning in May, metrics that look at the quality of specific clinical measures will be introduced. This is part of the work that Washington County is doing to modernize the way that EMS response is measured.

Response Interval Zones

Compliance Summaries:

MWA Franchise Agreement Monthly Performance Reports