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Onsite Wastewater Existing System Evaluation

The components of an onsite wastewater (sewage disposal system) existing system evaluation.

Existing System Evaluation

Existing System Evaluations are done to determine the location, size of all components and current functioning status. These evaluations are usually done on older systems that predate permitting requirements.

Additionally, sand filters and alternative treatment technology (ATT) systems require an Existing System Evaluation to determine whether these systems are being maintained and functioning properly.

File Review is required when new, non-habitable structures are added to a property or an addition is built onto an existing structure, not including bedrooms. 

Forms and Applications

Visit the Public Permitting and Services Portal to submit septic applications. First-time users need to complete the one-time account registration process. Watch the How-to-Register video. Once an account is created, you can obtain septic permits, track status, search for permits, schedule an inspection and view results. 

If you prefer not to apply online, the following forms are available to download either individually or as a packet: 

Existing System Evaluation or File Review 

File Review Instructions (PDF 335.81 KB)
Sample Plot Plan (PDF 437.33 KB)
System Design (PDF 431.98 KB)
Existing System Packet (PDF 2.03 MB)
File Review Packet (PDF 2.17 MB)

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