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Encampment Response

Use reporting tool to share encampment locations with local outreach providers to help connect people experiencing homelessness with shelter and housing resources.

Staff work with local outreach providers to visit known encampment locations. During encampment visits outreach providers work to connect people experiencing homelessness with shelter, long-term housing resources, and other basic needs.

Report an encampment in your area by using the online form:

  • Select the "Making a Citizen Request" link at the bottom of the page,
  • Mark the location where the encampment was sited with the pin feature on the map,
  • Click "Submit an Observation" and click next,
  • Fill out the "Known Locations Survey" to enter the number of people identified at the encampment,
  • OR, if you are in need of assistance and experiencing unsheltered homelessness or filling out the survey on behalf of someone who is, select the "Request Help" button and check the box for any services and items

Locally Coordinated Command Centers

The Washington County Locally Coordinator Command Centers (LC3) were formed in response to the Governor’s Executive Order to address the state’s housing and homelessness crisis. The LC3 reports to the Continuum of Care Board and the Multi- Agency Coordination Group (MACG).

The work of the LC3 includes setting up a day-to-day operation hub, designed to connect unsheltered people to shelter and housing, using person-centered strategies. Utilizing place-based, by name lists to focus on individual goals and service needs for people in identified focus areas. LC3 members include a network of homeless service providers with expert knowledge of the homeless services system and experience providing support to unsheltered individuals. The LC3 members have access to Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) and follow best practices regarding privacy of participants.

LC3s are operating in strategic locations in Forest Grove, Tigard, Beaverton, and Hillsboro.

Additional information and resources

Report potential criminal activity or disturbing behaviors related to an encampment by contacting your local law enforcement agency through non-emergency dispatch at 503-629-0111. For an immediate threat to life or property, dial 9-1-1 for an emergency response.

Help someone in need get access to available services by contacting Washington County’s coordinated entry system, Community Connect at 503-640-3263.

Washington County created a new local ordinance to comply with state and federal law to regulate camps and camping on public property. Learn more about the ordinance on our Time, Place, Manner webpage.

The previous Encampment Management Program was sunset in August 2023.

The Encampment Management Program was a multidisciplinary temporary program launched in 2021 in response to an increase in unsheltered homelessness across Washington County. The EMP included participation from the Sheriff’s Office dedicated HOPE (Homeless Outreach Programs and Engagement) deputy, Housing Services, and Health & Human Services. The EMP was funded by expiring American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) resources.

As of August 2023, with additional resources in place including 426 shelter units, a coordinated outreach approach including nine outreach providers county-wide, and robust long-term housing programs the EMP was sunset to prioritize connecting people experiencing unsheltered homelessness with housing resources. Key operations are embedded on an ongoing basis in the Sheriff’s Office, Housing Services, Health & Human Services departments, and other County departments as appropriate.

This page will continue to focus on connecting people sleeping outside with needed outreach and housing resources.