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Vehicle Registration Fee

The Washington County vehicle registration fee supports road maintenance and safety.

A $30 per year Washington County vehicle registration fee is collected when vehicles are registered or renewed in the County. Renewals are collected by the state Driver and Motor Vehicle Services (DMV) and are good for two years ($60).

The fee for motorcycles/mopeds is $17 per year. For more information, see Washington County Vehicle Registration Fee Amounts; Subject Vehicles; Exemptions.

The Washington County Board of Commissioners adopted Ordinance 817, establishing the vehicle registration fee, to help pay for road and bridge maintenance and to approve safety.

The fee is expected to generate about $13.5 million annually. It will be split 60/40. The County receives 60%; the remaining 40% is divided among the cities within the County, based on population. This is required by state statute.

Projected 10-year average for cities:

  • Hillsboro $2.51 million
  • Beaverton $2.41 million
  • Tigard $1.26 million
  • Tualatin $610,000
  • Forest Grove $590,000
  • Sherwood $480,000
  • Cornelius $300,000
  • King City $90,000
  • Wilsonville $60,000
  • Banks, Durham, North Plains, Portland $180,000
  • Gaston $20,000
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