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LUT's Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

Our mission is to provide excellent and cost-effective services that support healthy, peaceful, safe and sustainable communities and encourage meaningful participation in community activities and county governance.

We are committed to addressing past and ongoing harm and obstacles certain communities face within our government systems. To learn more, read our Equity Resolution.

What is equity?

Equity results from fairness and justice in public policy. We believe equity will exist when everyone in Washington County can:

  •  Participate fully in economic vitality
  •  Access services and resources
  •  Reach their full potential

What is inclusion?

Inclusion is welcoming and supporting the active engagement and participation of diverse people in Washington County’s decision-making processes and outcomes.

Our Equity Goal

Our equity and inclusion goal is to involve all who live in Washington County – particularly people living with lower incomes; people living with disabilities; Hispanic/Latinx, Pacific Islander, African, Black, Indigenous, Asian and other people of color; and people who do not speak English as their primary language – in this public process.



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