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Wrapping up FY 2022-23: Serving our Community

Washington County Land Use & Transportation data from July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023.

Wrapping up FY 2022-23: Serving Our Community

Join Washington County Department of Land Use & Transportation as we celebrate the accomplishments of our dedicated LUT employees, other County staff and our community partners by reviewing our data from FY 2022-23.

Through community and transportation planning, development review and permitting, and road construction and maintenance, our outstanding County employees and collaborative partners work together to keep our community safe, healthy, vibrant and thriving.

We work hard to provide your community with a safe and connected transportation system, to plan for an environmentally sound future and to ensure buildings are constructed safely. 

Traffic Engineering

Traffic Signals
AR Data Icons_Traffic signals .png

FY 2022-23: 342
FY 2021-22: 340

(Includes mid-block pedestrian signals) 

Fire Station Signals
AR Data Icons_Fire station signals.png

FY 2022-23: 3
FY 2021-22: 3

Speed Display Signs
AR Data Icons_Speed Display Signs.png

FY 2022-23: 28
FY 2021-22: 26

Pedestrian Actuated Beacons
AR Data Icons_Pedestrian Actuated Beacons .png

FY 2022-23: 44
FY 2021-22: 37

Flashing Beacons
AR Data Icons_Flashing Beacons.png

FY 2022-23: 41
FY 2021-22: 34

School Zone Flashers
AR Data Icons_School Zone flashers.png

FY 2022-23: 144
FY 2021-22: 142

Traffic Analysis Reports Associated with Land Development Proposals
AR Data Icons_Traffic analysis reports.png

FY 2022-23: 25
FY 2021-22: 25

Road Closures
AR Data Icons_Road Closures.png

FY 2022-23: 16
FY 2021-22: 14

New Requests for Traffic Signs, Striping and Other Operational or Safety Issues Evaluated
AR Data Icons_New requests.png

FY 2022-23: 2,292
FY 2021-22: 1,936


Neighborhood Streets Program

Neighborhood Safety Campaigns
Neighborhood Safety Campaigns.png

FY 2022-23: 89
FY 2021-22: 69

Neighborhood Meetings Held
Neighborhood Meetings Held.png

FY 2022-23: 4
FY 2021-22: 3

Lawn Signs Distributed
AR Data Icons_Lawn Signs Distributed.png

FY 2022-23: 32
FY 2021-22: 38


Surveyor’s Office

Records of Survey Reviewed and Filed
AR Data Icons_Records of Survey Reviewed and Filed

FY 2022-23: 228
FY 2021-22: 257

Public Land Corners Maintained
AR Data Icons_Public Land Corners Maintained.png

FY 2022-23: 47
FY 2021-22: 84

Plats (subdivisions, condos, and partitions) Reviewed and Approved
AR Data Icons_Plats Reviewed and Approved.png

FY 2022-23: 103
FY 2021-22: 87

GPS Mapping Control Established on Monuments
AR Data Icons_GPS Mapping Control.png

FY 2022-23: 16
FY 2021-22: 35

Public Land Corners Remonumented
AR Data Icons_Public Land Corners Remonumented

FY 2022-23: 7
FY 2021-22: 18

Road Legalizations
AR Data Icons_Road Legalizations.png

FY 2022-23: 1
FY 2021-22: 2


Capital Projects

ADA Ramp Projects - URMD Funding
AR Data Icons_ADA ramps – URMD funding.png

FY 2022-23: 108
FY 2021-22: 101

ADA Ramps Projects - Other Funding
AR Data Icons_ADA ramps – Other funding.png

FY 2022-23: 162
FY 2021-22: 378

Road Projects in Design or Construction
AR Data Icons_Road Construction Projects.png

FY 2022-23: 102
FY 2021-22: 101


Road Maintenance

 Maintenance Activities

Centerline Miles of Road Striping
AR Data Icons_Centerline Miles of Road Striping.png

FY 2022-23: 577
FY 2021-22: 456

Centerline Miles of Road Paving and Sealing
AR Data Icons_ADA ramps – Other funding.png

FY 2022-23: 34
FY 2021-22: 28

Centerline Miles of Gravel Roads Graded
AR Data Icons_Centerline Miles of Gravel Roads Graded.png

FY 2022-23: 204
FY 2021-22: 205

Shoulder Miles of Roadside Brush Cutting
AR Data Icons_Shoulder Miles of Roadside Brush Cutting.png

FY 2022-23: 289
FY 2021-22: 403


Total Bridges and Culverts

Bridges Not Deficient
AR Data Icons_Total Not Deficient.png

FY 2022-23: 110
FY 2021-22: 101

Bridges Deficient*
AR Data Icons_Total Deficient.png

FY 2022-23: 73
FY 2021-22: 82

*Functionally obsolete or structurally deficient. 

Minor Culverts (6”-36”)
AR Data Icons_Major culverts.png

FY 2022-23: 2,458
FY 2021-22: 2,457

Major Culverts (>=36”)
AR Data Icons_Minor culverts.png

FY 2022-23: 566
FY 2021-22: 566


 Top Five Road Service Requests

AR Data Icons_Vegetation.png

FY 2022-23: 608
FY 2021-22: 592

AR Data Icons_Trash-Debris.png

FY 2022-23: 414
FY 2021-22: 420

Pothole/Rough Road
AR Data Icons_Pothole-Rough Road.png

FY 2022-23: 205
FY 2021-22: 197

AR Data Icons_Drainage.png

FY 2022-23: 169
FY 2021-22: 180

Gravel Road Grading
AR Data Icons_Gravel Road Grading.png

FY 2022-23: 143
FY 2021-22: 187


Adopt-A-Road & Landscape Groups

Adopt-A-Road Groups
AR Data Icons_Adopt-A-Road Groups.png

FY 2022-23: 133
FY 2021-22: 114

Adopt-A-Road Litter Cleanups
AR Data Icons_Litter Cleanups.png

FY 2022-23: 88
FY 2021-22: 42

Adopt-A-Landscape Groups
AR Data Icons_Adopt-A-Landscape Groups.png

FY 2022-23: 10
FY 2021-22: 10

Adopt-A-Landscape Urban Roadways
AR Data Icons_Adopt-A-Landscape Urban Roadways.png

FY 2022-23: 10
FY 2021-22: 10


Event Permits Issued

Road Closures Processed
AR Data Icons_Road Closures Processed.png

FY 2022-23: 16
FY 2021-22: 14

Block Parties
AR Data Icons_Block Parties.png

FY 2022-23: 14
FY 2021-22: 9

Race, Walk and Bike Events
AR Data Icons_Race, Walk and Bike Events.png

FY 2022-23: 14
FY 2021-22: 9

AR Data Icons_Parades.png

FY 2022-23: 7
FY 2021-22: 4

Film and Video Events
AR Data Icons_Film and Video Events.png

FY 2022-23: 4
FY 2021-22: 1


Urban Road Maintenance District (URMD)


AR Data Icons - URMD.png

URMD Pedestrian and Biking Improvement Projects Funded in FY 2022-23


Building Services

In-Office Customer Interactions
AR Data Icons_In-Office Customer Interactions (Building).png

FY 2022-23: 2,033
FY 2021-22: 1,544

Building Plan Reviews Approved
AR Data Icons_Building Plan Reviews Approved.png

FY 2022-23: 2,983
FY 2021-22: 3,238

Inspections Completed
AR Data Icons_Inspections Completed.png

FY 2022-23: 46,073
FY 2021-22: 46,652

Multifamily Residential Permits Issued (Units)
AR Data Icons_Multifamily Residential Permits Issued (Units).png

FY 2022-23: 136
FY 2021-22: 144

Single-Family Residential Permits Issued
AR Data Icons_Single-Family Residential Permits Issued.png

FY 2022-23: 563
FY 2021-22: 542

All Other Permits Issued
AR Data Icons_All Other Permits Issued.png

FY 2022-23: 13,965
FY 2021-22: 13,275


Development Review/Current Planning

In-Office Customer Interactions
AR Data Icons_In-Office Customer Interactions (Current Planning).png

FY 2022-23: 2,481
FY 2021-22: 2,081

Land Use Applications Accepted
AR Data Icons_Land Use Applications Accepted.png

FY 2022-23: 312
FY 2021-22: 363

Subdivisions Approved
AR Data Icons_Subdivisions Approved.png

FY 2022-23: 8
FY 2021-22: 8

Subdivision Lots Approved
AR Data Icons_Subdivision Lots Approved.png

FY 2022-23: 82
FY 2021-22: 135


Community and Transportation Planning


A-Engrossed Ordinance No. 886 Amendments to Comprehensive Framework Plan for Middle Housing

Amends the Comprehensive Framework Plan for the Urban Area (CFP) to implement state law changes adopted in House Bill (HB) 2001, the Middle Housing bill. Amendments affect CFP Policies, Implementing Strategies, and Summary Findings and Conclusions to reflect current conditions and add reference to Middle Housing. 

Effective July 7, 2022. Learn more  ​​​​​​

A-Engrossed Ordinance No. 885 Middle Housing

Amends the Community Development Code (CDC) to implement state law changes adopted in HB 2001, the Middle Housing bill. Amendments allow duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, townhouses and cottage cluster developments in all residential districts that currently allow single-detached homes. Amendments include siting and design requirements for middle housing, related updates for certain other housing types, and changes for clarity and consistency in affected CDC sections.

Effective July 28, 2022.  Learn more

Ordinance No. 883 Cornelius Pass Road Extension

Proposes to amend the TSP to include the Cornelius Pass Road extension on rural land between Rosedale Road and Farmington Road. The amendments are on rural land and therefore require exceptions to Statewide Planning Goals 3 (Agricultural Land), 4 (Forest Land), 11 (Public Facilities and Services) and 14 (Urbanization). The addition of the Cornelius Pass Road extension to the plan provides for a connected system to meet long-term community needs and the extension meets the criteria for the listed goal exceptions.

Rejected Oct. 18, 2022. Learn more

A-Engrossed Ordinance No. 890 Middle Housing Land Divisions

Adds standards and procedures for middle housing land divisions, as required by 2021 Oregon Senate Bill 458. It also makes minor amendments to recently adopted regulations for middle housing. The engrossment reduces minimum side yard setbacks in certain circumstances for middle housing/middle housing land divisions and clarifies adopted criteria for related side yard setback reductions for other housing. It also allows existing road improvements that were previously approved and built to County standard, regardless of right-of-way and/or partial easement width, to serve as an alternative to adopted minimum right-of-way standards for middle housing, Single Detached Dwelling or its expansion.

Effective March 9, 2023.  Learn more

A-Engrossed Ordinance No 889 Minor Amendments

Makes a number of minor amendments to the Comprehensive Framework Plan for the Urban Area (CFP), the Bethany Community Plan, and the Community Development Code (CDC) to update plan polices and CDC provisions for clarity and accuracy, revise processes and reduce barriers to urban residential development. The engrossment added a reference to the membership of CCI Committees in Section 107-6 and revises language related to sales of lots or parcels in Section 602-4 for consistency with statute. The proposed addition of a new Type 1 Setback Adjustment process in Section 435 was removed, as were changes to side yard setbacks in Sections 304-307.

Effective March 9, 2023.  Learn more

B-Engrossed Ordinance No. 882 Tile Flat Road Extension

Proposes to amend the Transportation System Plan (TSP) to include Refinement Areas that recognize the need for the Tile Flat Road extension to connect between Scholls Ferry Road and Roy Rogers Road at Bull Mountain Road. The Refinement Areas preserve the opportunity to evaluate the preferred alignment and function of the roadway through urban comprehensive planning.

In progress.  Learn more

Ordinance No. 897 Amendments to Reflect Metro UGB Land Exchange

Amends the Comprehensive Framework Plan for the Urban Area (CFP), Rural/Natural Resource Plan (RNRP), and Bull Mountain Community Plan to reflect a recent Metro Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) land exchange resulting in a UGB expansion in Washington County to add land known as River Terrace 2.0.

In progress.  Learn more

Ordinance No. 899 Amendment to Expand the North Plains UGB

Proposes to amend the Comprehensive Framework Plan for the Urban Area (CFP) and the Rural/Natural Resource Plan (RNRP) to expand the North Plains Urban Growth Boundary (UGB).

In progress.  Learn more


Studies and Projects 

Climate-Friendly and Equitable Communities

Complete Streets Design Update

Council Creek Regional Trail

SNR: A Focused Look at Fish and Wildlife Habitat

Transit Development Plan

Washington County Transit Study


 Service District for Lighting

Street Lights Funded
AR Data Icons_Street lights funded.png

FY 2022-23: 12,724
FY 2021-22: 12,641

Street Light Customers Billed
AR Data Icons_Street light customers billed.png

FY 2022-23: 47,714
FY 2021-22: 47,305

Trees Trimmed
AR Data Icons_Trees trimmed.png

FY 2022-23: 3
FY 2021-22: 4



New Hires
AR Data Icons_New Hires.png

FY 2022-23: 20
FY 2021-22: 34

AR Data Icons_Promotions.png

FY 2022-23: 18
FY 2021-22: 28

AR Data Icons_Retirements

FY 2022-23: 15
FY 2021-22: 6

AR Data Icons_Resignations.png

FY 2022-23: 22
FY 2021-22: 30


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