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Paving and More

See what road maintenance projects are planned.

Please visit for traffic alerts.

If you have concerns about the condition of your road, report them using the Service Request form.


We usually pave in late summer. Schedules will be released when they become available. Residents on or near roads that are being paved will be notified.

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Road Fund Overlay

These paving projects are funded by the Road Fund.

Expect lane closures and delays. Work hours are 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Summer 2024

  • 92nd Avenue from Garden Home Road to Allen Boulevard
  • 149th Avenue from Division Street to Farmington Road
  • 160th Avenue from Farmington Road to Shaw Street
  • 197th Avenue from Rock Road to Baseline Street
  • Butner Road from Murray Boulevard to Downing Street
  • Cornell Road from 173rd Avenue to 200 Evergreen Parkway
  • Pacific Avenue from west of D Street to E Street
  • Park Way from Walker Road to Cedar Hills Boulevard

Contracted Pavement Repair

These paving projects are funded by the Road Fund.

Summer 2024

  • 175th Avenue from Barrows Road to Weir Road
  • Cornelius-Schefflin Road from Spiesschaert Drive to Cornelius city limits
  • Bald Peak Road from Campbell Road to Laurel Road

Chip Seal Paving

These paving projects are funded by the Road Fund.

  • Bald Peak Road from Laurelwood Road to Yamhill County
  • Johnson School Road from Simpson Road to Tongue Lane
  • Scoggins Valley Road from Highway 47 to park entrance
  • Simpson Road from Highway 219 to Johnson School Road
  • Cherry Grove Drive from Larson Road to Summit Avenue
  • Dick Road from West Union Road to end of pavement
  • Dudney Avenue from Anderson Road to Highway 47
  • Long Road from Susbauer Road to Cornelius-Schefflin Road
  • Old Highway 47 from Highway 47 to B Street
  • Strohmayer Road from Stafford Road to end of pavement

Thin Lift Overlay

These paving projects are funded by the Road Fund.

  • Verboort Road from Martin Road to east of Highway 47 roundabout 
  • Clapshaw Road Hill from Kansas City Road to Hillside Road
  • Roy Road from Cornelius-Schefflin Road to Mountaindale Road

URMD Slurry Seal

These projects are funded by the Urban Road Maintenance District.

  • 78th Avenue from Highway 10 to Fairway Drive
  • 95th Avenue from Spring Crest Drive to West Haven Drive
  • 107th Avenue from Walker Road to Hawthorne Lane
  • 107th Avenue from 107th Avenue to Walker Road
  • 123rd Avenue from Fairfield Street to Walker Road
  • 130th Avenue from 12998 130th Avenue to 5863 130th Avenue
  • 133rd Avenue from private drives to north of Batterson Lane
  • 150th Avenue from Surrey Street to dead end
  • 156th Avenue from Farmington Road to north intersection with Spratt Way
  • 179th Avenue from Bany Road to Farmington Road
  • 188th Avenue from Kinnaman Road to Shaw Street
  • 192nd Avenue from Tualatin Valley Highway to Stacey Street
  • 195th Avenue from 7310 195th Avenue to Farmington Road
  • 196th Avenue from Farmington Road to Madeline Street
  • 204th Avenue from 2370 204th Avenue to Rock Road
  • 205th Avenue from Kinnaman Road to Blanton Street
  • 211th Avenue from baseline Road to north intersection with Sutherland Way
  • Alden Street from south intersection with 85th Avenue to 87th Avenue
  • Anderson Street from 191st Avenue to 198th Avenue
  • Ashdale Drive from Alden Street to 74th Avenue
  • Blanton Street from 160th Avenue to 170th Avenue
  • Brandberry Drive from Energia Street to Waterford Way
  • Brentwood Street from Ridgewood Avenue to 86th Avenue
  • Bronson Creek Drive from Thompson Road to Evergreen Street
  • Central Drive from Kaiser Road to Bethany Boulevard
  • Creekshire Drive from 13021 Creekshire Drive to Horizon Boulevard
  • Devonwood Avenue from Downing Street to Todd Street
  • Dogwood Lane from Ridgemont Street to Highway 10
  • Eastridge Street from Wilshire Street to Marlow Avenue
  • Fallatin Court from 181st Avenue to cul-de-sac
  • Florence Lane from 6520 Florence Lane to 80th Avenue
  • Florence Street from 170th Avenue to 175th Avenue
  • Gregory Drive from 212st Avenue to cul-de-sac
  • Heritage Loop from east intersection with Heritage Parkway to west intersection with Heritage Parkway
  • Horizon Boulevard around intersection with Creekshire Drive
  • Jay Street from 206th Avenue to 215th Avenue
  • Kalama Street from 208th Avenue to Landing Drive
  • Lara Street from cul-de-sac east of 73rd Avenue to west cul-de-sac
  • Menlor Lane from private drives to Barrows Park
  • Oak Hills Drive from 153rd Avenue to Bethany Boulevard
  • Oviatt Drive from Rigert Road to Loma Vista Street
  • Perimeter Drive from 144th Avenue to Forest Avenue
  • Pheasant Lane from Augusta Lane to 185th Avenue
  • Raleighwood Lane from 68th Avenue to cul-de-sac
  • Rosa Road from 198th Avenue to 209th Avenue
  • Saint Andrews Drive from 15370 Saint Andrews Drive to Bethany Boulevard
  • Shaw Street from 185th Avenue to 198th Avenue
  • Taylor Street from 90th Avenue to Windwood Way
  • Twinflower Drive from Yellowberry Way to Kaiser Road
  • White Pine lane from Beaverton Hillsdale Highway to Crestwood Drive
  • Wilshire Street from 98th Avenue to Eastridge Street
  • Wismer Drive from Bethany Boulevard to Trakehner Way
  • Woodrose Drive from 128th Terrace to Bauer Woods Drive
  • Yellowberry Way from Goldenweed Drive to Twinflower Drive

Survey Monument Box Replacement

Brief lane closures are possible. 

  • April 17-19, 22: Lebeau Road from Edy Road to Scholls-Sherwood Road
  • April 25:
    • Kerkman Road from Zion Church Road to Harrington Road
    • Milne Road from Vadis Road to Zion Church Road
  • April 26: South Road from Mount Richmond Road to Cherry Grove Drive
  • April 29:
    • Grabhorn Road from Tile Flat Road to Farmington Road
    • Vanderschuere Road from Highway 219 to Midway Road
    • Augusta Lane from 170th Avenue to Pheasant Lane
  • April 30: Gaston Road from Hardebeck Road to Gaston city limits


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