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Completed Transportation Projects

Completed Transportation Projects

Projects completed in 2023

185th Avenue and Pike Street (FY 2022-24 Pedestrian & Biking Improvement)

Bacona Road Stabilization

Cornell Road (102nd Avenue to 113th Avenue)

Division Street Culvert Replacement

Filbert Street (FY 2020-22 Pedestrian & Biking Improvement)

Grahams Ferry Road Reconstruction

West Union Road Culvert Replacements

West Union Road Shoulder Widening

Projects completed in 2022

174th Avenue South (FY 2020-22 Pedestrian & Biking Improvement)

192nd Avenue (FY 2020-22 Pedestrian & Biking Improvement Project)

Alexander Street (FY 2017-18 Pedestrian Improvement)

Century Boulevard and Tualatin Valley Highway Intersection

Dixie Mountain Road culvert replacement

Durham Road and Upper Boones Ferry Road Corridor

Elwert Road and Kruger Road Intersection

Jacktown Road Culvert Replacement

Kaiser Road pedestrian improvements

Marsh Road Culvert Replacement

Projects completed in 2021

114th Ave. culvert replacement

170th Avenue and Farmington Road Intersection Safety Improvements

179th Avenue (FY 2018-20 URMD Pedestrian Project)

198th Avenue (Farmington Road to TV Highway)

Augusta Lane (FY 2016-17 URMD Safety Improvement)

Augusta Lane Pedestrian Bridge

Finnigan Hill Road Culvert Replacement

Gaston Road Bridge Replacement

Jenkins Road (158th Avenue to Murray Boulevard)

Madeline Street (FY 2018-20 Pedestrian Improvement)

Phillips Road Bridge Replacement

Pleasant Valley Road Culvert Replacement

Pongratz Road Bridge Replacement

Pongratz Road Culvert Replacement

Pottratz Road Restoration

Roy Rogers Road (Scholls Ferry Road to Bull Mountain Road)

Springville Road - Phase 3

West Union Road Shoulder Widening

West Union Road-Thompson Road (FY 2018-20 URMD Pedestrian Improvement Project)

Projects completed in 2020

69th Avenue Bridge at Rock Creek

103rd Avenue Culvert Replacement

112th Avenue Culvert Replacement

185th Avenue (FY 2018-20 URMD Pedestrian Safety)

205th Avenue Bridge Repair

B Street Bridge Replacement

Butner Road Culvert Replacement

Cornelius Pass Road and Germantown Road Intersection

Dober Road Culvert Replacement

Ecole Avenue (FY 2018-20 URMD Pedestrian Safety)

Mount Richmond Bridge Replacement - Phase 1

Mount Richmond Bridge Replacement - Phase 2

Patton Valley Road Culvert Replacement

Rigert Road (FY 2018-20 URMD Pedestrian Safety)

Rosa Road (FY 2018-20 URMD Pedestrian Safety)

Safe Route to Schools

Scholls Ferry Road and Scholls-Sherwood Road Intersection

Scotch Church Road Bridge Replacement

Taylors Ferry Road and 80th Avenue

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