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Transit study: Results from open house

In 2023 an open house was held to survey and gather input on focus areas for transportation improvements and in 2024 an open house was held to gather feedback on the proposed focus areas.

Transit Study survey responses (Feb.-March 2023)

The Washington County Transit Study Online Open House was available Feb. 10 to March 12, 2023. It included possible improvements to transit and a survey to collect feedback. About 428 people responded to our Washington County Transit Study survey. We also met with people in their communities, including at transit stops, and at virtual roundtables.

The top three obstacles preventing respondents from using transit more:

  • Distance of stops from destinations
  • Slow speed of transit
  • Transit schedules that do not align with timing needs

Top three improvements users want to see:

  • Comfort
  • Ease of getting to stops
  • More frequent weekend and evening service

Responses to Questions:

Do you ride public transit?
71 percent of respondents ride public transit
Transit rider responses: For what purposes do you use public transit? (check all that apply)
Graphic of reasons why people ride public transit
Transit rider responses: Why do you use public transit? (check all that apply)
Reasons why people chose to use transit
What gets in the way of you taking transit? (check all that apply)
A graph of responses to the question
Which of the following improvements to transit would you like to see? (check all that apply)
Graph of responses to the question

Vision for Transit survey response (January-March 2024)

Data collected from this survey builds on data collected through our 2023 Washington County Transit Study surveys. The 2023 data, gathered from a diverse cross section of community members who rely on transit, helped the project team develop eight transit areas to focus on for the next 20 years. Of 913 people who visited our Vision for Transit online open house from Jan. 19 - March 1, 167 took the online survey during their visit.

Responses to Questions:

What do you think about the Vision for Transit draft recommendations?
13% strongly agree; 39% agree; 21% are neutral; 10% Disagree; 12% Strongly disagrree
Select three recommendations you would like us to prioritize:
50% speed and reliability; 41% transit corridors for high-capacity transit; 39% frequent service grid; 39% bike and pedestrian access; 31% stpo and station amenities; 27% additional shuttle service; 20% partnerships; 15% transit supportive policies