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Washington County Transit Study

Join Washington County as we work to envision the future of public transportation. The Washington County Transit Study is looking at how transit can improve quality of life and economic vitality over the next 20 years.

About 428 people responded to our Washington County Transit Study survey. 

“We’ll use the responses to help identify routes, stops and other ways to improve transit for current riders as well as improvements that may encourage those not using transit to do so,” said Dyami Valentine, Senior Planner, Land Use & Transportation. 

We also met with people in their communities, including at transit stops, and at virtual roundtables. We were able to gather feedback from diverse demographic and geographic cross-sections of our community. Our roundtables addressed needs of businesses and employees; older adults and people living with disabilities, and others who rely on transit.  

We will share more results as they become available.

About the Transit Study

The Washington County Transit Study will develop a vision for public transit in the county for the next 20 years. Public transit in Washington County today includes bus, light rail, Community Connector, on-demand and shuttle service. As we look to the future, how can transit serve as a viable transportation option, help us expand economic opportunity and improve livability in the county?

Key outcomes of the study include:

  • Clearly identify transit needs in the County
  • Create a vision that is grounded in the experience of transit customers
  • Define actions the County and its local partners can take to support transit; for example, giving buses priority, improving access to stops and stations and strengthening regional partnerships

Related Projects

Planning efforts are underway for the future of public transportation. The Washington County Transit Study supports these plans, including:

  • Metro’s High-Capacity Transit Plan Update, which will identify corridors for future Bus Rapid Transit or Light Rail lines throughout the region
  • Updates to TriMet’s Service Enhancement Plan, which will identify transit improvements in service, transit stop amenities and regional connections
  • The Westside Multimodal Improvement Study, which is looking at investments for all modes of transportation between southwest Portland and Hillsboro  
Timeline for work on the Transit Study

Get Involved

We are bringing together community members with a variety of perspectives and experiences to talk about improving transit access and use in the county and throughout the region.
Technical Work Group: Staff from cities, agencies, transit providers and County departments
Stakeholder Workshops: Community-based organizations, jurisdictional partners, transit agency partners, elected officials and practitioners
Community Roundtable Discussions: Major employers, people with disabilities, transit riders, people who do not ride transit, affordable-housing residents and shift workers.


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