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Ewen Drive and Augusta Lane (FY 2022-24 Pedestrian & Biking Improvement)

Augusta Lane has no sidewalk, and the walkways on Ewen Drive do not connect.

We will install sidewalks along both roads between 185th Avenue and the Augusta Lane Pedestrian Bridge.

A decision was made to build sidewalk on the north side of Ewen Drive and Augusta Lane after close consideration of public input and pedestrian safety impacts.

This will also connect to the pedestrian crossing planned at 185th Avenue and Ewen Drive. The construction of both projects will be coordinated.

This project is part of a larger effort to create safe pedestrian routes to nearby schools and parks.

Construction start (expected): January 2024
Construction finish (expected): April 2024

CPO: 6
Commissioner District: 1


4/16/2024: Construction is complete.


Cost: $981,000 (2021 estimate)

Funding sources:

Urban Road Maintenance District (URMD)

Prior events and comment opportunities

Online Open House: Aug. 5-20, 2022