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185th Avenue and Ewen Drive (FY 2022-24 Pedestrian & Biking Improvement)

The intersection of 185th Avenue and Ewen Lane doesn't have a pedestrian crossing.

We will add a crosswalk with signals, signs, road striping and curb ramps to improve pedestrian safety.

This project was previously planned for 185th Avenue and Pheasant Lane. The location was changed due to the proposed construction of a new fire station in the area.

The 185th Avenue and Ewen Drive location also has a direct connection to the Ewen Drive and Augusta Lane pedestrian improvement project. We will coordinate the construction of both projects.

Construction start (expected): June 2023
Construction finish (expected): September 2023


1/17/2022: Design work is underway.


Cost: $542,000 (2021 estimate)

Funding source:

Urban Road Maintenance District (URMD)