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Kaiser Road (Springville Road to Brugger Road)

We will widen Kaiser Road, between Springville Road and Brugger Road.

We will improve Kaiser Road, between Springville and Brugger roads, with a center turn lane, bike lanes and sidewalks.

We will also install:

  • Street lights
  • Storm drainage
  • Water quality facilities
  • ADA-compliant curb ramps

A traffic study will be done during the design phase. We will evaluate the need for an enhanced crosswalk at the intersection of Kaiser and Brugger roads.

Design start (expected): April 2023
Design finish (expected): June 2024
Construction start (expected): November 2024
Construction finish (expected): December 2025

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7/13/2023: We are in project design.


Cost: $5 million (2023 estimate)

Funding source: North Bethany County Service District for Roads (NBCSDR)