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Thompson Road Realignment (Kenny Terrace)

We will realign Thompson Road with Kenny Terrace.

Thompson Road has two sharp curves west of Saltzman Road. We will connect Thompson Road to Kenny Terrace west of Saltzman Road and north of Hartford Lane. This creates a new road alignment that avoids the curves.

The new alignment has three motor vehicle lanes (one travel lane in each direction and a center turn lane). We will install buffered bike lanes and multiuse (bike and pedestrian) paths on both sides of the road.

Many of the existing trees along Kenny Terrace have outgrown the space and are unhealthy. Trees are being removed due to poor condition and to accommodate the multiuse paths. We will plant more trees throughout the area than we remove. Tree species are being selected for suitability to the landscape area provided. 

We will also improve stormwater drainage and street lighting.

Construction start (expected): Spring 2024
Construction finish (expected): Summer 2025

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12/18/2023: The county is reevaluating potential transportation project construction dates due to funding constraints and rapidly increasing costs. This process is expected to take several months.

Construction has been delayed to 2024.


Cost: $6.5 million (2021 estimate)

Funding sources: MSTIP Bonding Cost-sharing Program

Prior events and comment opportunities

Online open house: Jan. 7-23, 2022

Community Meeting: Aug. 31, 2021

Online open house: May 1-17, 2020


Multiuse paths create a safer, more comfortable transportation opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to walk, bike and roll between their neighborhoods, the elementary school and the future park. Washington County’s Board of Commissioners gave staff direction to build a 10-foot multiuse path with a 4-foot planter area between the path and the street along Kenny Terrace (the future Thompson Road alignment).

Many of the existing trees have outgrown the available space and are causing damage to the sidewalks. The project includes planting new tree species that are more appropriately sized for the space and surrounding facilities.

A marked pedestrian crossing of Kenny Terrace (future Thompson Road) with a rapid flashing beacon will be added at Dalton Ranch as part of the project. View a similar crossing 

A median is required by our design standards.  The 40 mph speed limit requires more sight distance than exists to allow safe left turns. The speed limit would need to be reduced to 25 mph before left turns can be considered. 

The median will not be removed as a part of this project.  The median is required for safety due to limited sight distance around the curve.

We will work with with Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue (TVF&R) and other service providers throughout all stages of the project. The closures will be scheduled so there will be open access to/from the TVF&R station. The project includes two separate road closures, each will last about 30 days.

Findley Elementary student drop-off and pickup has been considered in the design of the project.

We will coordinate with school staff throughout construction to maintain access with minimal delays.

A stop sign will be installed on existing Thompson Road (Old Thompson Road) where it intersects Kenny Terrace (new Thompson Road). There will be a clear line of sight in both directions.

The existing Thompson Road will dead end at the Findley Elementary driveway. Access to the Cascadian neighborhood at 135th will remain right-in and right-out.  Evergreen Street access will remain open throughout construction.


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