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Thompson Road Realignment (Kenny Terrace)

We will realign Thompson Road with Kenny Terrace.

Thompson Road has two sharp curves west of Saltzman Road. We will connect Thompson Road to Kenny Terrace west of Saltzman Road and north of Hartford Lane. This creates a new road alignment that avoids the curves.

The new alignment has three motor vehicle lanes (one travel lane in each direction and a center turn lane). We will install buffered bike lanes and multiuse (bike and pedestrian) paths on both sides of the road.

Many of the existing trees along Kenny Terrace have outgrown the space and are unhealthy. Trees are being removed due to poor condition and to accommodate the multiuse paths. We will plant more trees throughout the area than we remove. Tree species are being selected for suitability to the landscape area provided. 

We will also improve stormwater drainage and street lighting.

Construction start (expected): Summer 2023
Construction finish (expected): Summer 2024

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10/21/2022: Construction is delayed until right-of-way acquisition is complete.


Cost: $6.5 million (2021 estimate)

Funding sources: MSTIP Bonding Cost-sharing Program

Prior events and comment opportunities

Online open house: Jan. 7-23, 2022

Community Meeting: Aug. 31, 2021

Online open house: May 1-17, 2020