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Witch Hazel Road (Pedestrian Improvement)

Witch Hazel Road will be improved with a sidewalk from SE 38th Court to SE 49th Court.

We will design and construct pedestrian improvements on Witch Hazel Road, from 38th Court to 49th Court along the south side of roadway including installation of supplemental lighting for pedestrians.

This will complete a missing segment of sidewalk that will allow students an accessible route to adjacent schools and pedestrians a safe area to walk without walking in the roadway or on someone’s property.

Construction start (expected): June 2024
Construction finish (expected): Nov. 2024


3/13/2024: We have completed 60% design. We are now working toward 90% completion and preparing to start the right-of-way acquisition process.


Cost: $1.2 million (estimate)

Funding sources:


December 2023: This is a preliminary design map and subject to change as the design is refined.


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