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Committee for Community Involvement

The Committee for Community Involvement (CCI) serves an advisory body to the Washington County Board of Commissioners. The mission of the CCI is to encourage and empower public involvement.

The CCI plays an important role in ensuring that the voices of the community are considered when decisions are being made.

Since 1973, the CCI has provided a direct line of communication between residents and county government and has been dedicated to the success of community participation in government decision-making processes. The CCI is a vital part of the Washington County CPO Program, which is made up of 17 Community Participation Organizations (CPOs) led by volunteers with a membership from the communities they serve.

CCI membership consists of two representatives from each recognized CPO. Per the CCI bylaws, additional members may participate based on these distinctions:

  • Each CPO is allowed two CCI alternates.
  • Inactive CPOs are allowed two CCI reps, as approved by the CCI.
  • CCI reps are allowed from communities of interest.
  • CCI subcommittee chairs may also participate as CCI reps.



CCI subcommittees focus on specific areas of community interest. You can volunteer to participate in a subcommittee by emailing the CCI Leaders at [email protected]

Code and Ordinance Subcommittee
Focuses on Washington County land use development issues, reviewing recommended codes and ordinances and providing suggested comment and action to CCI.

Communications Subcommittee
Outlines communications standards and applications for the CPO Program.

Significant Natural Resources Subcommittee
Follows the County's process for developing Significant Natural Resources standards.

CPO Re-envisioning Subcommittee
Provides input from community members to the County’s Re-envisioning project.


The CCI Steering Committee and three subcommittees are led by community volunteers. Each committee holds monthly meetings. See upcoming meeting information below.

Volunteer Opportunities - Share your time and talents! There are CCI leadership positions open for community members nominated by their CPOs to be CCI representatives, or representatives from communities of interest. The Secretary position is open. Contact current leadership at [email protected] for more information about volunteering.

CCI Steering Committee
Chair: Bruce Bartlett
Vice Chair: Mary Manseau
Corresponding Secretary: Open
Also: Paul Johnson, Gretchen Beuhner

CCI Subcommittees
Chair, Code and Ordinance Subcommittee: Open
Chair, Communications Subcommittee: Virginia Bruce
Chair, Significant Natural Resources Subcommittee: Jim Long
Chair, CPO Program Re-envisioning Subcommittee: Bruce Bartlett

Contact Information
Email: CPO Program at [email protected]  | CCI leaders at [email protected]
Phone: 503-846-6288
Postal mail: Attn: CCI, 155 N First Ave., Suite 370, MS20, Hillsboro, OR 97124


For more detailed information about the CCI, review the CCI Bylaws below.

CCI Bylaws (PDF 54.1 KB)

CCI Meetings

The CCI holds a monthly general meeting. In addition, the CCI Steering Committee and subcommittees hold monthly meetings (the Code and Ordinance Subcommittee is not holding meetings at this time). See below for meeting information. All meetings are open to the public.

CCI | Committee for Community Involvement

CCI General Meetings
The CCI holds virtual meetings on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 pm. Meetings are open to the public.


Agenda - March 19, 2024 (PDF 266.52 KB)

North Plains Mayor Teri Lenahan

This month North Plains Mayor Teri Lenahan will visit the Washington County CCI to introduce herself, share information about services the city provides and discuss plans for the future. These civic amenities include their Community Parks, the activities of the North Plains Events Association and the North Plains Library (part of the Washington County Cooperative Library Services).

Like a growing number of municipalities in Washington County, she will share how law enforcement and fire protection services are provided by contracts with Washington County Sheriff’s Office and Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue. Find out how water is supplied and how wastewater is treated in partnership with Clean Water Services.

Recology Organics processes a tremendous amount of the county’s wood waste and also composts household wastes for various cities. Find out how they came to be and what the future looks like for this facility just outside the North Plains city limits.

Although not in the Metropolitan Urban Growth Boundary (UGB), North Plains has its own UGB to manage. Mayor Lenahan will discuss the city’s Past, Present and Future growth plans.

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CCI Steering Committee

Virtual meeting held on the third Wednesday of each month at 11 am.

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CCI Communications Subcommittee

 Virtual meeting held on the second Wednesday of each month at 4 pm.

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CCI Significant Natural Resources Subcommittee

Virtual meeting held on the second Tuesday of each month at 9 am.

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CPO Program Re-envisioning Subcommittee

Virtual meeting held on the first Monday of each month at 11 am.

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Meeting Minutes

Find minutes here for the CCI general monthly meetings. Presentations, maps, fact sheets and other supporting documents are also included. 

2024 | CCI Meeting Minutes

Missing dates reflect months that the CCI did not meet. 

January 16
Agenda  |  CANCELLED due to inclement weather.

February 6 - Special Meeting
Agenda  |  Minutes

February 20
Agenda  |  Minutes

March 19
Agenda  |  Minutes  |  CCI Letter: Acknowledgement of CAO Response

2023 | CCI Meeting Minutes

Missing dates reflect months that the CCI did not meet. 

January 17
Agenda  |  Minutes
CCI Subcommittee Initiation Form

February 21
Agenda  |  Minutes

March 21
Agenda  |  Minutes
LCDC Hearings Officer Recommendation on SNR
LUT Presentation: Climate-Friendly and Equitable Communities

April 18
Agenda  |  Minutes

May 16 (Note: Minutes incorrectly list the meeting taking place on May 18) 
Agenda  |  Minutes
LUT Presentation: Draft 2023-25 Planning Work Program

June 20
Agenda  |  Minutes

July 18
Agenda  |  Minutes
Review Summary Questions
Component Pieces of the CPO

September 19
Agenda  |  Minutes

October 17
Agenda  |  Minutes

November 21
Agenda  |  Minutes
Wash Co Home Rule Charter - OR Public Mtgs Law - OR Ethics Law and Public Records Law
CCI Letter: 120-Day Rule

December 19
Agenda  |  Minutes  |  CAO Presentation: Strategic Update 2024-28
2022 | CCI Meeting Minutes

Missing dates reflect months that the CCI did not meet.

January 18
Agenda  |  Minutes
CCI Materials for Discussion

February 15
Agenda  |  Minutes

March 15
Agenda  |  Minutes

April 19
Agenda  |  Minutes

May 17
Agenda  |  Minutes

June 21
Agenda  |  Minutes

July 19
Agenda  |  Minutes

September 20
Agenda  |  Minutes

October 18
Agenda  |  Minutes

November 15
Agenda  |  Minutes

December 20
Agenda  |  Minutes
2021 | CCI Meeting Minutes

Missing dates reflect months that the CCI did not meet.

January 19
Agenda  |  Minutes

February 16
Agenda  |  Minutes

March 23
Agenda  |  Minutes

April 20
Agenda  |  Minutes

May 18

September 21
Agenda  |  Minutes

October 19
Agenda  |  Minutes

November 16
Agenda  |  Minutes

If you need ADA accommodations, language interpretation or translation, or any other assistance to help you access these opportunities for participation, please contact us at [email protected].

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