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Meet Our Team

Staff contact information for the Office of Equity, Inclusion & Community Engagement

Office of Equity, Inclusion & Community Engagement

Latricia Tillman, she/her/hers
Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer
[email protected]
Cell: 503-823-7840

Carol Renaud, she/her/hers
Program Specialist
[email protected]
Desk: 503-846-6286

Tricia Kennedy, she/her or they/them
Senior Administrative Specialist
[email protected]
Desk: 503-846-6284, Cell: 503-746-1046

Community Engagement

Amanda Garcia-Snell, she/her/hers
Community Engagement Program Manager
[email protected]
Desk: 503-846-6285, Cell: 503-449-0668

Christina Barboza, she/her/hers
Program Coordinator
[email protected]
Desk: 503-846-6283 (desk forwards to cell)

Culturally specific areas of focus: Latinx/Spanish speaking, Native American/Indigenous, Romani, Laotian, Guatemalan, Russian Orthodox, and faith-based communities, youth, and older/aging adults

Department liaison for: Assessment and Taxation, County Counsel, District Attorney, Juvenile Services, Support Services

Marcus Ford, he/him/his
Program Coordinator
[email protected]
Desk: 503-846-6287, Cell: 971-329-3522

Culturally specific areas of focus: Black; African; Asian; Pacific Islander; SE Asian; Indian; Middle Eastern; Behavioral/Mental Health; Justice Involved Individuals/Families

Department liaison for: Community Corrections, Law Library, Sheriff's Office, Wash Co Cooperative Library Services, West Side Commons (Fair Complex)

Ty Schwoeffermann, he/him/his
Program Coordinator
[email protected]
Cell: 971-777-4771

Contact me for: Information on homelessness services and support, rental assistance, emergency shelter, wrap around services for the houseless, community health and peer health services, and housing navigators. Visit Supportive Housing Services for more information.

Department liaison for: Supportive Housing Services Program

Equity Policy

Ashley Horne, sher/her/hers
Equity Policy Manager
[email protected]
Desk: 503-846-8334

Janeen Smith, She/Her/Hers
Senior Housing Justice Coordinator
[email protected]
Cell: 971-610-2510

Kittie Kong, she/her/hers
Supplier Diversity Coordinator
[email protected]
Desk: 503-846-8305, Cell: 971-710-8102

Contact me for: Identifying contracts we currently hold with diverse suppliers, outreach to community and local businesses, and equitable strategies for diversifying Washington County's supplier pool. Visit Purchasing for additional information.