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Language Access

Washington County recognizes the importance of being able to communicate effectively with all residents, including those who do not speak English as their primary language and have a limited ability to read, write, speak or understand English.


Washington County strives to remove language barriers to meaningful access of our programs, services and employment opportunities. One of the ways we do this is by providing free language assistance.  

One of every four Washington County residents speaks a language other than English at home. As a government striving to serve everyone equitably, we honor that diversity by helping to assure individuals have access to governmental services in their preferred language. Though many important forms and written materials have already been translated into some languages based on anticipated needs in the community, we will make reasonable efforts to have all important forms and written materials translated into any language upon request. In some circumstances an interpreter may also be made available to assist with important communications. 

If you have trouble getting language barriers removed so that you can enjoy meaningful access to Washington County programs, services and employment opportunities, please contact the Office of Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement for assistance. If you need accommodations or have questions about language assistance, please reach out to Toby Lyons at [email protected]

Under Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, public agencies are obligated to provide competent language assistance to individuals with limited English proficiency. This applies to any government or any entity receiving federal funding, so people who prefer to receive services in a language other than English are entitled to qualified language assistance in other governmental jurisdictions and possibly with other service providers, as well.


iSpeak Cards

Language ID Posters and Cards


Poster of Languages
Many County customer service areas display a poster showing a list of languages. If you need help in the language you speak, use the poster to show the person providing services which language you speak. Assistance in that language will be sought for you.

iSpeak Cards
An additional aid used to help individuals who do not speak English is the language ID card, referred to as an “iSpeak” card, which is also available at many County customer service areas. Keep the card in a wallet, purse, or somewhere that it is easily accessible to show a County staff person when in need of interpretive services. These aids and services are provided free of charge.

To print a card ahead of your visit to the County so that you are able to request language assistance when you arrive, refer to the chart below. Find your language and click to view the card or download the print-ready cards. Once downloaded, print out the card, preferably on a heavier stock. Index or card stock is suggested. There are two pages, a front and back, in each file. Once printed, cut out the cards using the corner crop marks. Place the two pages back-to-back with adhesive. It’s a good idea to laminate the card for durability. Use the iSpeak Cards Order Form if you would like a larger quantity of pre-printed cards. This service is free of charge.


Need Assistance?

If you need ADA accommodations, language interpretation or translation, or any other assistance to help you access County services and/or any opportunities for participation, please email [email protected] with your request.


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