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Protective Orders

Description of how to obtain protective orders in Washington County.

People obtain protective orders in order to create a civil or criminal restriction on contact from people who are potentially harmful. At this time, protective orders in Oregon are free of charge.

For information on protective orders for intimate partner violence, please visit the Domestic Violence Resource Center website.

For general information on all protection orders, including stalking orders, please visit the Oregon Judicial Department website.

5 Types of Protective Orders Available to Oregon Victims

1) Family Abuse Prevention Act Restraining Orders (FAPA RO) are intended to provide for protection from abuse by family, household members, or someone with whom you have had a sexual relationship. The abuse must have been committed within the last 180 days.

2) Elderly Persons and Persons with Disabilities Abuse Prevention Act (EPPDAPA RO) are intended to provide abuse protection for people aged 65+ or people who are vulnerable due to a disability. This restraining order addresses physical, verbal, financial, sexual abuse and also neglect.

3) Sexual Abuse Restraining Orders (SAPO RO) are intended to protect you from a person who caused you sexual harm but who is not related to you or is not a current or past romantic partner.

4) Stalking Protection Orders are intended to protect you and/or a family member from stalking. Stalking is usually characterized by a pattern of intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly alarming or coercing another person, or engaging in unwanted or repeated contact. You will need to speak with a law enforcement officer or the Protective Order Advocates for information on how to obtain a stalking protective order.

5) Extreme Risk Protection Orders An Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) is a court order that prevents a person who is at risk of hurting another person or of committing suicide from having or getting deadly weapons, including firearms.

To obtain a protective order in

Multnomah County, please call (503) 988-3943 prior to 12:30 on weekdays for information/instructions.

Clackamas County, please call (503) 655-8616 for information/instructions.