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Chehalem Mountain Ground Water Limited Area

This page explains the allowed and exempt uses of Chehalem Mountain GWLA.

Chehalem Mountain 

Ground water in the basalt aquifers of the Chehalem Mountain Ground Water Limited Area is classified for exempt uses, irrigation, and rural fire protection systems only. 


Exempt Uses include: 

  1. Stock watering 
  2. Lawn or non-commercial garden watering of not more than ½ acre 
  3. Single or group domestic purposes of no more than 15,000 gallons per day 
  4. Single industrial or commercial purposes not exceeding 5,000 gallons per day 
  5. Down-hole heat exchange uses 

None of the above uses shall include the irrigation or landscape maintenance of more than ½ acre. 

Permits may be issued, for a period not to exceed five (5) years, for fire protection and for drip or equally efficient irrigation provided the Director finds the proposed use and amount do not pose a threat to the ground water resource or existing water right permit holders. The amount of water used for irrigation shall be further limited to one (1) acre-foot per acre per year. Permits may be extended for additional five (5) year periods if the Director finds that the ground water resource can probably support the extended use. Applications may be rejected or permit or certificate extensions may be denied if the aquifer displays any of the adverse impacts defined in OAR 690-08. Within two (2) years of permit issuance, the applicant shall prepare a plan for the Water Resources Commission which shall indicate the steps for obtaining an alternate long-term water supply.