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Surface Water

Surface water is important for wildlife as well as municipal and commercial irrigation.

We cooperate in the management of the flow of the Tualatin River. Members of the Tualatin River Flow Management Technical Committee meet every month to review data, the status of reservoirs and changes that could impact the Tualatin Basin.

Clean Water Services prepares an annual flow report based on hydrographic data from cooperating agencies.

Flow Report 2021 (PDF 8.09 MB)
Flow Report 2020 (PDF 8.52 MB)
Flow Report 2019 (PDF 7.78 MB)
Flow Report 2018 (PDF 9.62 MB)
Flow Report 2017 (PDF 8.03 MB)
Flow Report 2016 (PDF 4.43 MB)
Flow Report 2015 (PDF 3.31 MB)
Flow Report 2014 (PDF 3.33 MB)
Flow Report 2013 (PDF 4.41 MB)
Flow Report 2012 (PDF 4.65 MB)
Flow Report 2011 (PDF 4.73 MB)

Flow Reports 1992-2010 are available upon request


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